Siris on VMware Setup - Configure VM



This article describes the process to configure your Siris VM on VMware. This is the third of four overall steps to set up a Siris instance on VMware. The steps are as follows:





These steps assume that you have already completed the steps in the article Siris on VMware Setup - OVA Deployment.
  1. Right click on the newly-deployed VM, and click Edit Settings... as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 - Edit Settings

  2. Be sure that the memory is set to at least 8 GB (8192 MB). If there is less than 8 GB of memory, the appliance will not be able to virtualize any recovery points.

  3. Set the cores to a minimum of 4 total cores. These cores must be balanced between number of virtual sockets and number of cores per socket. For example, the minimum of 4 cores needs to be balanced between 2 virtual sockets and 2 cores per socket.

    Figure 2 - CPU Settings

  4. Click on Add... to add the data storage disk to the virtual appliance, as shown in Figure 3. This disk will hold your backups.

    Figure 3 - Add hardware

  5. In the next screen, click on Hard Disk, and then click Next.

    Figure 4 - Hard Disk

  6. In the Add Hardware screen, select Create a new virtual disk. Then, click Next.

  7. In the Create a Disk screen, set the disk size equal to the size of the virtual appliance that you purchased. For Disk Provisioning, select Thick Provision. You can choose eager or lazy zeroed. Then, choose whether you want to store the hard disk with the virtual machine operating system or choose another datastore. Then, click Next.

    Figure 5 - Create a Disk

  8. In the Advanced Options screen, leave the default settings, and click Next.

  9. In the Ready to Complete screen, review your settings, and then click Finish.

  10. Proceed to the next step: Siris on VMware Setup - Register.

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