Swapping a SIRIS Business OS Drive



This article walks through how to swap the OS drive on a SIRIS Business device.

Before replacing the OS drive, contact Datto Support so that they can take any necessary steps prior to the swap. You should also contact Support again once the new drive is in place to ensure the device is running properly.

Tools Required: ­

  • PH1 cross head screwdriver
  • PH2 cross head screwdriver
  • Small cable ties
  • Monitor and keyboard for accessing the device after replacing the OS drive

Swapping the OS Drive

  1. Power down and unplug the device. Locate and remove the three screws that secure the chassis cover.

  2. Slide the chassis cover towards the rear of the device. You will have to push in on the top and sides while simultaneously pulling the cover.

  3. Locate the OS drive (Kingston SSD 60GB) mounted to the front of the device and disconnect its SATA and power cables.

  4. Remove the USB 3.0 connector from the Motherboard. Moving aside the power cables from the PSU will make the replacement easier. 

  5. Remove the four screws from the drive plate that secures the OS drive.
  6. Remove the OS drive and drive plate by sliding it slightly backwards and then pulling it up off of the device. Again, move the power cables aside for easier access.

    You should label the old OS drive to differentiate it from the new one.

  7. Install the new OS drive to the mounting plate, making sure that it is fitted on the raised/stilted side of the mounting plate. Then screw it back into the chassis.

  8. Reattach the SATA, power, and USB 3.0 cables and verify the connections are snug and secure. Tuck the power cables back into place in the chassis (see image from Step 2 for reference).

  9. Carefully replace the chassis cover, making sure that all cables are clear. Once fitted, reinstall the three original screws removed in Step 1.  

  10. Connect a keyboard and monitor, along with the power and Ethernet cables.

  11. Contact Datto Support to begin checking in the device.

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