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This article describes the process to power on and register a virtual instance of Siris on VMware. This is the last step to set up a Siris on VMware. The steps are as follows:





These steps assume that you have already completed the steps in the article Virtual Appliance on VMware Setup - VM Configuration.

1. Power on the Datto virtual appliance: Right click on it, go to Power, and then click Power On, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Power on the Virtual appliance

2. Once the virtual appliance boots, you may see the GRUB boot manager, as shown in Figure 2. Select the first option, and click Enter.

Figure 2 - Boot into Linux OS

3. When the appliance finishes the boot process, you will see the Virtual Product Authorization screen, as shown in Figure 3.

As the screen says, if you'd like to configure your network settings, open the device in the console on your ESXi host.

Registering the Datto Appliance

1. Enter your virtual Product Authorization Code on the Authorize Service page, and then click Next.

virtreg1.jpgFigure 3: Authorize Service screen


2. The Datto appliance will automatically attempt to obtain a DHCP address. If the initial network check fails, or if DHCP is not available on your network, your device will display the error message shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4: Network check failed


3. If the check succeeds, the appliance will download and install updates, as shown in Figure 5. When the device updates complete, the appliance will reboot, and display the Configure Storage screen shown in Figure 6.

Figure 5: Update Device screen


4. On the Configure Storage screen, select the storage disk you wish to use for the virtual appliance's storage array.

Figure 6: Configure Storage screen


5. Fill out the Configure Device page. All fields are required, but you can change this information later on the Local Users/Contact and Networking pages. Click Allow installation of third party drivers and software, and then click Complete Registration. Allow the web browser to refresh on its own.

Figure 7: 
Configure Storage screen


6. You will be redirected to the Datto appliance's dashboard. You should see a yellow banner stating "No hypervisor connections have been configured yet. Please add a connection." Follow the steps detailed in this article to configure the connection. This step is REQUIRED to have production machine screenshots and for virtualization on Virtual SIRIS. This step is not required for Virtual Alto.

Figure 8: Datto appliance dashboard

Next Step

Once you have registered your device, follow the Agent Installation Wizard article for instructions to pair protected machines for backup to the Datto appliance.

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