How Do I Generate a Continuity Audit Report for My Datto Device?



How do I generate a continuity audit report for my Datto device? 


  • Datto SIRIS


This Datto SIRIS' Continuity Audit Report can help you create a cohesive document showing the date, time, and status of each backup. The report lists the following information about the data associated with your Datto device:

  • Date of backup
  • Time of backup
  • Screenshot Verification status
  • Recovery point integrity
  • Retention settings (local and cloud)
This feature is not available on ALTO or NAS devices.
This report only runs once a day.


1. In the device GUI, Click the Reports tab, then select Continuity Audit from the drop-down menu.

Figure 1: The Datto Device UI (click to enlarge)

2. The report will load, and the Continuity Audit screen displaying a list of eligible agents on the device will appear. Select the desired date range and click Update Report.

Figure 2: The Continuity Audit screen date range (click to enlarge)

3. Find the agent you are auditing, then expand its details by clicking the plus sign or the expand button.

Figure 3: Expand agent details (click to enlarge)

4. The following information will appear under the selected agent:

Figure 4: The Continuity Audit (click to enlarge)

  • Retention: Displays the configured local and cloud retention settings for the agent
  • Date: The time of each completed recovery point
  • Status: Tells you the detail of each recovery point:
    • Successful recovery point exists locally: the backup was successful and exists on the Datto device
    • Successful Screenshot Verified: the Datto device took a successful screenshot
    • Successful point exists locally and in the cloud: the backup exists on the Datto and has synced offsite
    • Offsite replication in progress: The recovery point is currently syncing offsite
    • Screenshot failed: The recovery point failed an attempted boot to a login screen

Exporting the report

Click the Export button to export the report as a CSV or PDF.

Figure 5: Export settings (click to enlarge)

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