Enabling NIC Bonding



This article describes the requirements and steps on enabling NIC bonding on an auxiliary port of a supported Datto device. NIC bonding will allow the use of two NIC ports to deliver theoretically double the throughput. By default, NIC bonding policy is Round Robin. This mode provides load balancing and fault tolerance. This is especially useful in an enterprise setting. 


  • It will work on the following platforms: SIRIS, SIRIS Professional, SIRIS Enterprise, SIRIS Business, SIRIS Lite, SIRIS 3, and Datto NAS with two available NIC ports.
  • Two available ports on a Layer 3 managed switch
  • A tech must be onsite during the configuration.
  • If possible, the Datto should have IPMI configured so if the bond configuration has any issues, the device can still be accessed.


In the Datto appliance GUI, navigate to the Configure → Networking tab, select the NICs to be bonded together, and click Apply Bond Settings.

Fig. 1: Bonded Interfaces section of the Network tab.

Once the Bond Settings for the NICs has been applied, refresh page by clicking the Network tab.

Confirm the new settings for bond0 are correct and reboot the device. Leave the secondary NIC disconnected until the device is back online.

Fig. 2: Configuration for bond0 set up.

Once the device is up and checking in again, plug the second cable in from the auxiliary NIC to the switch. You are set to go.

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