Advanced Network Attached Storage on SIRIS



This article is an overview of Network Attached Storage on Datto SIRIS appliances.

While any file can be stored in a Network Attached Storage on Datto SIRIS, Datto does not support virtualizing disk images stored in Network Attached Storage.

New Features

As of March 23, 2016, SIRIS file shares have been upgraded with the following capabilities:

  • Web File Browser
    When you create a new share, you'll get a web link to browse the share. For an example, see Figure 1.
  • Create iSCSI shares
    With older versions of the SIRIS OS, you could only create NAS shares. For a full explanation of the differences between iSCSI and NAS shares, see the article NAS vs. iSCSI Shares.
  • iSCSI rollback and iSCSI file restore
    With the advent of iSCSI shares on SIRIS, you can now perform an iSCSI rollbacks and iSCSI file restores.
  • Connect to NAS shares through SFTP
    You can connect to new shares more securely through SFTP.
  • Control share snapshots and share retention.
    Previously, shares were backed up to Datto's Cloud via Offsite Mirroring, with no control over the snapshot interval or offsite retention. You now have granular control over these settings.

For more details on these new features, see the appropriate sections below.

Legacy Shares

Legacy shares remain unchanged. You can access them from the Network Attached Storage page, along with newer shares, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Legacy share listing

Share Creation and Settings

To create and configure shares, refer to the following articles:

Connecting to SIRIS Shares

To connect to SIRIS shares, refer to the following articles:

Restoring from SIRIS Shares

Troubleshooting NAS Shares

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