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This article describes system requirements for the Datto Mac Agent. For a comprehensive technical overview of the Datto Mac Agent, see Mac Backup Best Practices + Introducing the Datto Mac Agent.


  • Datto Mac Agent



The current version of the Datto Mac Agent software version is 1.0.2. You can check your protected machine's installed version from the Protect tab of your Datto appliance's GUI. For release notes, see Datto Mac Agent (DMA): Software Release Notes.

The agent software on the protected machine will periodically notify you when an update is available. You can also force an update check by clicking the Datto Mac Agent icon in the toolbar, and selecting Check for Updates, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Check for updates (click to enlarge)

When updating the Datto Mac Agent, a reboot of the production machine may be required. Datto recommends only performing updates during scheduled maintenance windows.


The Datto Mac Agent has been tested for compatibility with the following operating systems:

  • MacOS version 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • MacOS version 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • MacOS version 10.12 (Sierra)

Compatibility of this backup solution with any hypervisor environment or operating system not listed in this article is untested and may yield unreliable results.


  • Due to their mobile nature, Datto does not endorse or support backing up laptops. Laptops must be inside the LAN, and not on a wireless network, to perform backups in a timely manner. Attempts to back up laptops are at your own discretion. Because of this, and due to the wide range of touchpad drivers, custom drivers, and hardware configurations available for both laptops and all-in-one workstations, restoration support for these platforms is 'best-effort' only.

  • Avoid using spaces in protected volume names (e.g. C:/Volumes/Server Backup instead of C:/Volumes/ServerBackup). These may cause issues with mounting and unmounting file restores. 
  • Purging data has been known to cause large backups in MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)

  • If you update a protected machine to Mac OS X to version 10.12.5 from an earlier version, you may need to force a new full backup of the agent for continued compatibility with the Bare Metal Restore process.

  • Datto's Mac Agent backs up MacOS systems to Datto appliances. With the resulting backups, you can perform a File Restore or Bare Metal Restore to Apple hardware. Due to legal limitations, you cannot virtualize a Mac or restore to non-Apple hardware.

  • The Datto Mac Agent is not compatible with Fusion Drive and FileVault setups. It is possible to non-destructively turn off FileVault by following Apple's official guide
    • The Datto Mac Agent's driver sits at a level within the I/O stack that is above the encryption layer enabled by FileVault. Because of this, the driver will see the disk contents as encrypted, making the Datto Copy-On-Write file inaccessible during the snapshot process.
  • The Datto Mac agent does not support RAID configurations or the Apple File System (APFS). Also, the Mac Agent has known conflicts with DeepFreeze and Symantec Encryption Desktop for MacOS X.

System Requirements

Protected Machine Hardware Requirements

  • The Mac must have disk permissions verified and repaired if necessary.
  • The Mac OS must be running on genuine Mac hardware. Attempting to back up a MacOS install running in a non-native environment may produce unreliable results.

Antivirus Requirements

  • Ensure that the Datto Mac Agent is whitelisted in any antivirus solution you may have running on the production machine.

Networking Requirements

The following are the minimum networking requirements your environment must meet to support the Datto Mac Agent. For a complete overview of Datto's networking requirements, see the SIRIS, ALTO And DNAS Networking & Bandwidth Requirements article.

 Figure 2 illustrates the data flow for the Datto Mac Agent.

Figure 2: Datto Mac Agent logical data flow (click to enlarge))


Follow the steps in the Installing the Datto Mac Agent article to deploy the agent to your production machine.

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