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How do I download, install and pair the Datto Mac Agent with a Datto appliance?


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The Datto Mac Agent does not currently support the APFS file system. Do not upgrade to macOS High Sierra on protected systems.



The current Datto Mac Agent software version is 1.0.2
    • The Datto appliance must be running Datto OS v. 2.913.11 or later.
    • The Mac must be running MacOS version 10.10 (Yosemite) or 10.11 (El Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra).
Compatibility of this backup solution with any hypervisor environment or operating system not listed in this article is untested, and may yield unreliable results.
  • The Mac must have disk permissions verified and repaired. (10.10 Yosemite Only).
  • The Mac must have its disk verified (and repaired if necessary) via First Aid in Disk Utility.
  • If you update a protected machine to Mac OS X to version 10.12.5 from an earlier version, you may need to force a new full backup of the agent for continued compatibility with the Bare Metal Restore process.
  • Purging data has been known to cause large backups in MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Your network must allow TCP port 25569 traffic between the Mac and Datto appliance. For more networking requirements, see the article Datto Networking Requirements.
  • The protected machine must have Internet access, and be able to reach for the initial installation of the Datto Mac Agent.
  • Datto does not endorse or support backing up laptops with the Datto Mac Agent due to their mobile nature; laptops must be inside the LAN and not on a wireless network to perform backups in a timely manner. Attempts to do so are at your own discretion.

Figure 1 illustrates the data flow for the Datto Mac Agent.

Figure 1: Datto Mac Agent logical data flow (click for larger image)


Datto's Mac Agent backs up MacOS systems to Datto appliances. With the resulting backups, you can perform a File Restore or Bare Metal Restore to Apple hardware. Due to legal limitations, you cannot virtualize a Mac or restore to non-Apple hardware.

The Datto Mac Agent is not compatible with Fusion Drive and FileVault setups. It is possible to non-destructively turn off FileVault by following Apple's official guide

The Datto Mac agent does not support RAID configurations or the Apple File System (APFS). Also, the Mac Agent has known conflicts with DeepFreeze and Symantec Encryption Desktop for MacOS X.

Download and Install the Mac Agent

NOTE: You will need to restart your computer when the installation is complete.

Download the Mac Agent from:

Figure 2: Agent package download 

Open the downloaded file. You will see the window as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Datto Mac Agent Installer

Next, you will see a message about an installation helper package. Click the Continue button.

Figure 4: Install Checker

On the Introduction screen, click Continue.

Next, you have the option to change the installation location.

Figure 5: Installation Location 

Click the Install button to continue.

Next, enter your username and password.

Figure 6: Username and Password

To continue, click the Install Software button.

Next, you will see a notice that you must restart your computer after the installation. To continue, click Continue Installation.

Figure 7: Restart computer

When the installation is complete, click the Restart button to restart your Mac.

Figure 8: Installation Complete

When the Mac restarts, you will see the Datto Mac Agent icon in your toolbar. From here, you can view the About box, Check for Updates, toggle Prevent Sleep, or Quit Datto Mac Agent.

Figure 9: Mac Agent Toolbar Menu

The color of the Datto Mac Agent icon changes, depending on its status:

  • Black means that the app is idle.
  • Blue means that the Datto Mac Agent is backing up your data to the Datto appliance.
  • Red means that there is a problem with Datto Mac Agent.

Figure 10: Backup in progress

Pair a Mac with the Datto Appliance

From the Mac, open up the web interface for the Datto appliance.

In the top menu, click Protect.

Click the Add a New Agent button.

Figure 11: Protect: Add A New Agent


In the System Backup Wizard, click the Agent Based Systems button.

Figure 12: Add Agent Wizard


In the Add section, type the IP address of the Mac that you wish to protect. Then, click the Next button.

Figure 13: Add a Mac Agent

Agent Configuration

This section describes the configuration process as it would appear if you do not already have an agent installed on your device. If you already have agents, you will get a prompt to use the settings from an existing agent, as described in Section 2.5. Adding Another Agent.

Figure 14: Local Backup Schedule

In this screen, choose the schedule to back up from the target machine(s) to the Datto device. You can choose one of the default options or a Custom Range. For more details about backup scheduling, see the article Backup and Retention Settings.

If you choose Custom Range, you will see the days of the week and a drop-down to choose the backup frequency for those days. Click on days to select them. In Figure 14, Tuesday is selected.


Figure 15: Custom Backup Schedule

Click Next to continue.


Figure 16: Cloud Backup Schedule

Click the Next button, and you will see the screen to configure when the backups from the device will be replicated in the Cloud. Choose your preference from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.

Figure 17: Retention Settings

In this screen, you can set how long you want to keep your backups on the Datto device and in the Cloud. Figure 17 shows the default choices.

Note that the options on the right side of the window will be inaccessible if you are on a Time-Based Retention billing plan.

When you are ready, click Next.

Figure 18: Screenshot Settings

Enter your email address to receive the screenshot proof of your backups. Also, choose which backup point(s) you would like screenshots for. Click Next.

Figure 19: Reports and Alerts Settings

In this screen, enter the email address(es) where you want to send alerts and reports. Click Next.

In the next screen, choose whether you want your agents to be encrypted. If you choose Yes, you will get a screen with the encryption agreement and then a screen asking for the encryption passphrase. Click Next.

Agent Creation

While the wizard is working to create the agents, you will see a status bar with the following messages:

  • Initializing for <agent hostname>
  • Attempting to pair SC for <agent hostname>
  • Writing agent data for <agent hostname>
  • Creating local storage for <agent hostname>

Then, you will see a window telling you how many agents were created, as shown in Figure 13. Click Add another to add more agents. Click continue if you are done adding agents.

Figure 20: Agent Creation Successful 

Adding Another Agent

If you currently have an agent set up on your Datto device, and you start the process to add another agent, you will see the window shown in Figure 21.

Figure 21: Reuse Existing Settings

  • If you click Yes, the wizard prompts you to choose which agent's settings you wish to use. After you choose the agent and click Next, the settings are populated into the Agent Wizard. If you then click the Prev link, you can go back and change those populated settings.

  • If you choose No, you will get the prompts to choose the configuration settings as in Section 2.3 Agent Configuration

If you would like to start a backup right away, click the Start a Backup button. Plug in your Mac to a power source while running a backup.

Figure 22: Start a Backup

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