Datto and Support for Clustered Shared Volumes (CSVs)



This article provides information about Clustered Shared Volume (CSV) compatibility with the Datto solution.


  • Datto Windows Agent
  • ShadowSnap Agent
  • Microsoft Hyper-V


Due to a technical limitation with Cluster Shared Volumes, Datto backup software does not support backing up Hyper-V hosts that are members of a failover cluster. However, we can support backing up a guest VM running on a Hyper-V failover cluster, as long as the guest OS itself does not access a CSV.

Datto Windows Agent

The Datto Windows Agent is capable of backing up virtual machines which reside on a Clustered Shared Volume. 

If you install the Datto Windows Agent on the Hyper-V host itself, it will not be able to back up the underlying agents stored on the protected system's volumes, as it will be unable to see them.

To back up the hosted virtual machines, install the Datto Windows Agent software on each of the VMs within the CSV that you would like to back up.

ShadowSnap Agent

The ShadowSnap agent does not support the backup of CSV-resident virtual machines due to the manner in which the STCVSM filter driver is read by Hyper-V. The filter driver forces Hyper-V into redirected access mode when running backups. This is a shortcoming of the way Hyper-V interacts with its VMs.

Conversely, vSphere does not pick up specific information about the driver versions in a virtual machine.

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