Adding Wireless Networks to DNA



By default, the DNA is equipped with a wireless network that you can connect to with a default SSID and password. This article walks though the process for adding additional wireless networks to your DNA through the user interface.


To add additional networks:

  1. Log into the DNA web interface
    Wireless Networks must have a LAN association. If you do not want your new Wi-Fi network associated with the Default LAN, remember to add a new LAN prior to creating a new Wi-Fi network.
  2. Click Manage.


  3. Click the Add WIFI option. This adds a new WiFi Config card to the appliance that your browser will automatically scroll to.


  4. Enter all relevant information. When finished, click Save Changes.
    If you want your SSID hidden, you must uncheck the "Advertise this SSID" check box.
  5. The appliance will display the new WiFi network in the Configured Networks sidebar to the left. 

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