Network Attached Storage: Snapshot and Retention Settings



This article describes the options to configure the Snapshot Settings for a SIRIS or Datto NAS Network Attached Storage share. To access these settings, go to the web interface for the Datto appliance. Then, click the File Share tab. From the list of shares, choose the one you want to configure. Then, click on Configure Share Settings. Scroll to the Snapshot Settings part of the page.

Snapshot Settings

The snapshot settings are the same for both NAS and iSCSI shares.

Snapshot Interval

This option sets how often a snapshot is performed during the hours that snapshots are scheduled to run.

Figure 1
 - Snapshot Interval

The Snapshot interval is set to 60 minutes by default. Other available intervals are 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes. For example, if this value is set at 30 minutes, and snapshots are scheduled from 9AM-5PM, then 16 snapshots will be performed in one day.

Pause Backups

This option allows you to temporarily pause backups of your share without permanently changing your settings.

Figure 2 - Pause Backups

Offsite Synchronization Interval

This option sets the priority and frequency that local snapshots are synchronized with the Datto Cloud.

Figure 3 - Offsite Synchronization Interval

The Share Sync Priority sets the priority of the offsite synchronization for this share, as compared to other shares on the same Datto NAS device.

Snapshot Schedule

The Snapshot Schedule sets which hours and days to run snapshots. It also allows scheduling of intervals greater than one hour. The default setting is Monday-Friday 8 AM to 6 PM.

Figure 4 - Snapshot Schedule

To add or remove a row of days or column of hours, click the column or row headers.

Share Retention Settings

Snapshot Retention

This setting manages the local and offsite retention policies for the share.

Figure 5
 - Snapshot Retention Settings

Changes made to the Snapshot Retention will be applied during the completion of the next successful snapshot for this share.

Retention is done on a rolling basis with 5 days of intra-dailies being stored, and the snapshot that is over 120 hrs old (over 5 days) is deleted after the next subsequent snapshot.

Offsite Retention

Offsite retention manages how much data is stored in the cloud. The offsite retention can go for as long as the end user requires because (when stored in the Datto Cloud) there is no limit in the storage usage. Datto recommends having less granular retention offsite than there is locally on the appliance.

Figure 6 - Offsite retention settings

If you have purchased Time Based Retention or Infinite Cloud Retention for your Datto appliance, you will not be able to change these settings.

Secure File Restore (NAS Shares Only)

This feature ensures that when you have file restores mounted on the Datto NAS, they are not accessible to anyone else on the local network.

The drop down box lists the SIRIS users that were added through the Local Users/Contact page of the Datto appliance's web interface.

Figure 7 - Secure File Restore (NAS shares only)

By default, this option is set to Disabled, which means that the Recovery Points will be shared on the network but will not be visible if someone browses to the Datto, ie: \\DattoHostname\

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