SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Authorize a SIRIS Virtual Instance



This article describes the authorization process for a SIRIS Virtual instance deployed on a Hyper-V or VMware environment.

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  • SIRIS Virtual
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware


When you boot a SIRIS Virtual instance for the first time, the Device Registration screen will display. Follow these steps to complete the registration process:

1. Enter your SIRIS Virtual Authorization Code on the Authorize Service page, as shown in Figure 1. Then, click Next.

Figure 1: Entering the Authorization Code (click to enlarge)

2. The SIRIS Virtual instance will attempt to obtain a DHCP address. If the initial network check fails, or if DHCP is not available on your network, your device will display the error message shown in Figure 4. Contact Datto Technical Support if you receive this error message.

Figure 2: Initial network check failed (click to enlarge)

3. If the network check succeeds, the device will download and install updates, as shown in Figure 3. When the device updates complete, click Next, and the device will reboot, and display the Configure Storage screen shown in Figure 4 after the reboot cycle completes.

Figure 3: Update Device (click to enlarge)

4. On the Configure Storage page, select the storage disk you wish to use for the virtual appliance's storage array, as shown in Figure 4. If you do not see all of the drives associated with your storage array, click the Rescan link, as shown in Figure 4. After selecting all of your drives, click Next.

Figure 4: Configure Storage screen (click to enlarge)

5. Fill all fields on the Configure Device page, as shown in Figure 5. You can change these settings later in the Local Users/Contact and Networking pages in the Datto appliance GUI after completing the registration process. Click Allow installation of third-party drivers and software, and then click Complete Registration. Allow the web browser to refresh on its own.

Figure 5: Configure Storage screen (click to enlarge)

6. The Datto appliance overview screen will display after the web browser refreshes, as shown in Figure 6. You should see a yellow banner at the top of page stating, "No hypervisor connections have been configured yet. Please add a connection." Follow the steps detailed in this article to configure the connection. You must create a hypervisor connection to use features such as Screenshot Backup Verification, or local virtualizations.

Figure 6: Datto appliance dashboard (click to enlarge)

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