How to boot a virtual machine using safe mode



This article explains how to boot a virtual machine (VM) in Safe Mode during a disaster situation.


To boot a VM using Safe Mode:

  1. VNC into your SIRIS.

  2. If no virtual machines appear in the VirtualBox program, then re-start the VM from the Local Virtualization tab on the SIRIS web console.

    If the virtual machine appears in VirtualBox and is running, then stop it from the Local Virtualization tab on the SIRIS web console.

  3. Once the virtual machine’s VirtualBox status reads "Powered Off," you can restart it by clicking the virtual machine's name, and then clicking Start. The virtual machine will begin to boot immediately so read Step 4 before clicking Start.

  4. Begin rapidly pressing F8 to access the Advanced Boot Options screen.

  5. If the system booted before you could access the Advanced Boot Options, power off the virtual machine by closing the window, restarting it and trying again.

  6. From the Advanced Boot Options screen, select "Safe Mode."

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