Collecting API logs for Connectwise



This article outlines how to gather and send API logs from Connectwise to Datto Tech Support for use in a support case while troubleshooting Connectwise Integration. You must use the standalone client to complete this procedure.


  1. Go to System on the left hand side and click Setup Tables.

  2. In the search bar underneath the Table column header, type in integrator, and hit enter. Then, click on Integrator Login.

  3. Next, go into our integrator by clicking on the name dattoCW. Once you are in there, switch to the Logs tab.
  4. Click start_debug_mode. Debug mode records all actions by that integrator for 5 minutes. Do any testing required in this amount of time. IE, sending test tickets, adding devices, etc.

  5. Then, download the logs, and attach them to the ticket for further review.
  6. Note, if the debug mode spots an error, there will be a field in the right hand coloum saying "yes" under error that will give you the error and what caused it. This could allow you to figure out the issue before you give the logs back to us.

Actually reading the logs

If you try to just straight open the logs after downloading them from Connectwise, you'll notice it looks messy since it hasn't been decoded from SOAP yet. Follow the steps below to decode the text and format it into XML which is much more readable.

1. Open in Notepad++ or other program that can handle large text files
2. Replace all the {'s with < and all the }'s with >
3. Visit this page
4. Copy and paste everything in and hit decode text
5. Visit this page
6. Hit Format XML
7. Paste back into your text handler and you should have readable logs

Once it's formatted you'll be able to easily read each action that the our integration tried to take through that integrator.

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