How Do I Collect API Logs in ConnectWise 2.0?



How do I collect API logs in ConnectWise 2.0?


  • ConnectWise 2.0


This article shows how to gather and send API logs from ConnectWise to Datto Technical Support for troubleshooting ConnectWise Integrations. You must use the standalone client to complete this procedure.

1. Go to System on the left-hand-side and click Members.

Figure 1: The ConnectWise Manage Admin menu (click to enlarge)

2. Click the API Members tab.

Figure 2: API Members (click to enlarge)

3. In the API Members tab, select the member ID for the ConnectWise 2.0 integration.

Figure 3: Member IDs (click to enlarge)

4. Click start_debug_mode. Debug mode records all actions by that integrator for the time you specify. Do any testing required in this amount of time, i.e. sending test tickets, adding devices, etc.

Figure 4: Debug mode selection (click to enlarge)

5. Enter the number of minutes for debug mode to run.

Figure 5: Start debug mode (click to enlarge)

6. Click Download Logs and attach them to the ticket for further review.

Figure 6: Download logs (click to enlarge)

Note, if the debug mode spots an error, there will be a "yes" in the right-hand column highlighting the error and its cause. This could help resolve the issue prior to sending the logs back to Datto Technical Support.

Formatting and reading the logs

Logs downloaded them from ConnectWise are difficult to read, since they have not yet been decoded from SOAP.

Figure 7: Raw log text, unencoded from SOAP (click to enlarge)

Follow the steps below to decode and format the log text into more readable XML:

1. Open the logs in a text editor, such as Atom or Notepad++.
2. Use the Find and Replace feature to replace { and } characters with < and >.
3. Go to the XML Entities Encoder/Decoder.
4. Copy and paste the log text into the XML Encoder/Decoder and click decode text.
5. Paste the decoded log text into the XML Toolbox. and click Format XML.
7. Paste the formatted text back into your text editor. The logs are now in readable form.

Figure 8: Formatted ConnectWise logs (click to enlarge)

Formatting with Atom and Pretty JSON

As an alternative, download the Atom text editor and install the Pretty JSON package. 

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