Windows Network Drive


Notes :

The use of the Windows Network Drive App requires a external samba share accessible over the Internet in order to allow constant access. This is not always recommended depending on the data contained within the share due to the fact that once a connection is established, your data is not encrypted in transport.

There are steps you can take to help secure the share such as restricting access to this share using the IP ranges, but the use of this app will does entail some risk.

Prerequisites :

  • Externally accessible samba share
  • Login Credentials for Share
  • Either Admin credentials or having the option for users to mount personal shares enabled


  • RECOMMENDED : Securing the share to only be accessible from specific IP ranges. See the article here for details on IP ranges.

Share Types

Browse to either the Admin or Personal page depending on who you would like to be able to access this share.

Admin Mount

Mounting a share from the Admin page will allow you to configure the share to be accessed by multiple DattoDrive users. The option "Available for" will allow you to specify multiple users as well as groups.


Personal Mount

This is a share configured within the Personal page that only the user configuring the share will have access to.

Configuring Share

Required Fields

  • Host (server where the share is located)
  • Share (the name of the share itself)
  • Username
  • Password

In the example below, is the "Host" and jeffPersonal would be the "Share".


Optional Fields

  • Remote Subfolder (Used if you'd like to set the root of the share to a subfolder within the share itself)
  • Domain (If applicable)

If we are able to successfully connect to the share, you will see a green circle to the left of the Folder name. Otherwise, you will see a red circle and a notification indicating we were unable to connect.


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