Set Up A File Drop



The Files Drop app allows you to set up an anonymous upload folder. This article explains how to enable and use the Files Drop app.

Enable the Files Drop App

To enable the Files Drop app, you must have admin access to the Datto Drive account. Follow these steps:

Go into the Apps page, and click on Not enabled on the left side of the page.

Find the Files Drop app, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Files Drop app

Click the Enable button.

Set Up Your Files Drop

Go to your Personal page.

Figure 2 - Personal page

You will see the Files Drop configuration section.

Figure 3 - Files Drop Configuration

Click the Choose button to open a dialog to select your upload directory. You may wish to first create a special upload directory (on your Files page), which in the following example is name upload.

Figure 4 - Choose Upload Folder

On your Personal page you should now see a URL for your upload directory. Share this URL with anyone you want to allow uploads to your Files Drop folder. The max file upload size is 4 GB.

Figure 5 - Upload Directory

Uploading Files

When you go to the Files Upload link, you will see the option to upload files, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 - Files Drop Upload

This opens a file picker. Select the file or directory you want to upload.

When your upload is completed, you’ll see a confirmation message with the file name(s).

Figure 7 - Files upload confirmation

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