How Do I Use SaaS Application Management Tools in Backupify?



How do I use SaaS Application Management tools in Backupify?


  • Backupify for Office 365
  • Backupify for G Suite


Datto's SaaS Application Management shows you all your clients, and each of their SaaS Protection/Backupify services, at a glance. You can access the dashboard in any one of three ways:

Note: Only Partner Portal users with 'Full Access' and 'Administrative' administrator roles can access the Partner SaaS Store/Application Management Dashboard.

Each of your clients has a dedicated section of the dashboard, and each section contains a tile representing the SaaS Protection/Backupify applications the client leverages. You can see in Figure 1 that there are five tiles corresponding to the five Google Apps applications, plus four more for four Office 365 applications.

Figure 1 

First Steps

Authorized Admin

If this is the first time you're setting up a client, your first task is to authenticate. If you have been granted the authority to act on behalf of your clients, you will see a link labelled "I am the admin." Clicking the link will then display a link to the End User BFY Service Agreement and you will be asked to agree to the terms by checking a checkbox. You can then proceed by clicking the Authorize button.

You will be sent to the Service-Side Authorization Page where you will be presented with a checklist of Scopes that you can authorize. Upon authorizing these service-side scopes, SaaS Protection/Backupify has been granted the privileges to back up all of that end user’s data for that service.

Following that, you will then be sent to the Seat Management Page to dictate which domain users the application should back up.


If you are a Reseller without the authority to act on your client's behalf, you will see a link in the Service Tile that reads: "Someone else is the admin." Clicking this link will prompt you to enter the email address of the End User Admin responsible for managing that service. Once sent, an email containing links to authorize Terms and Conditions as well as service-side scopes will be sent to the End User Admin. 

Upon authorizing T&Cs and Service-Side Scopes, the End User Admin will then be sent to the Seat Management Page to dictate the domain users the application should back up.

Once authorized, the tiles for each of the clients will reflect “Backup Status” and “Backup Seats.”

  • Backup Status allows admins to quickly scan their clients' services and identify any backup issues
  • Backup Seats
    • Total Licenses - reflects the amount of licenses provisioned for the client. This number reflects the upper bound of the current seating tier.
      Contact your Datto Salesperson to increase or decrease your license count.
    • Managed - reflects the number of licenses currently in use for this service.
    • Open Licenses - indicates the number of remaining end users that can be accommodated for this service on this product.
    • Unprotected - indicates the number of end users for that service that are currently unprotected. This number could reflect an intentional choice on behalf of the domain admin to leave some end users unprotected via Seat Management, or it could alert you that there are users who are currently unprotected and the license tier needs to be increased to accommodate.

Accessing Your Clients through the Dashboard

After authorizing Terms and Conditions and Service-Side Scopes for your clients, you can click a Service Tile in the AMD and be taken to the Product Dashboard for that client, where you can manage Backups, Restores and Exports at a more granular level.

If you are a Reseller without authorization to act on behalf of your clients, you will not be able to click through the AMD to the Product Dashboards. You will, however, have the ability to detect if something is wrong via the AMD and will have to contact the Domain Administrator to fix the situation.


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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