Why I am receiving a 409 error?


If you receive a '409' error when attempting to run a restore, it is because the restore is being initiated from an archived user to a deleted user on the Google Apps end. Typically, when customers delete a user on the Google Apps end, they’ll recreate it at a later date, and attempt to restore data back into it. Unfortunately, it takes Backupify 24 hours to re-enable an Archived user on our end, so when you are restoring to a ‘new’ active user, Backupify still thinks it’s a deleted user.

In these cases, we can change the services' 'Archived' states manually. Just reach out to Support (by clicking the Submit A Request link at the top of this page), and let us know which user you are attempting to restore from.

Once the services have been re-enabled on the Backupify side, you may need to click the 'Next Backup: Reauthorize' button on each Google service tab under the user's Backupify profile before kicking off the restore.

Once the services are re-authorized, you will be able to kick off the restore.


To contact Backupify support, please click here to submit a Support Request, or give us a call at 1-800-518-7449.

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