What do I do if I'm having trouble creating my Backupify for Google Apps account?


Sorry to hear that you are having trouble setting up your account!

First things first, is the Google Apps user account you're attempting to install Backupify through a Google Apps super admin account? The account will need this level of access.

From there, head to your Google Apps 'grid' menu, select the Admin panel ('wrench' icon), click Apps, and navigate to Marketplace Apps. From that list, click 'Backupify Google Apps Backup', and verify that it says 'ON for everyone' at the top of the page, and that Data Access says 'Granted'.

Next, In the Google Apps Admin Console:

1) Verify Directory API is setup correctly
In the Google Apps Admin Console:
A. Go to ‘Security’ (note: sometimes ‘Security’ appears under ‘More Controls’)
B. In Security go to ‘API Reference’
C. Ensure that ‘API Access Enabled’ is checked.
D. Click ‘Save Changes’

2) Verify Drive API is enabled
In the Google Apps Admin Console:
A. Click on Apps > Google Apps > Drive > Data Access.
B. Ensure that 'Allow Users to Install Google Drive Apps' box is checked.
C. Click ‘Save Changes’

Also, please verify the below as well:

-Is the Backupify application enabled for all Organization Units within the domain?
-Is the Backupify application enabled for all users you are attempting to add?
-Are the users you are attempted to add under a subdomain?
-Is API access and data access enabled?
-Is your domain a subdomain of a larger primary domain?

If all of the above steps check out, please have Support destroy your domain; click the Submit A Request link at the top of this page to start that process. Once that's complete, move forward with setting up the domain up again through a Google Chrome Incognito window.

If all of the above steps check out, and you're still unable to add users, we'll need to change the authorization e-mail associated with your account from our end. If there are additional Super Admins on the Google Apps domain, provide Support with those e-mail addresses, and we can make the change.


To contact Backupify support, please click here to submit a Support Request, or give us a call at 1-800-518-7449.

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