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This article discusses mounting Google Drive within Datto Drive Local.


  • Datto Drive Local


DattoDrive uses OAuth 2.0 to connect to Google Drive. This requires configuration through Google to get an app ID and app secret, as Dattodrive registers itself as an app. All applications that access a Google API must be registered through the Google Cloud Console


1. Log into the Google Cloud console. If you already have a Google account, such as Groups, Drive, or Mail, you can use your existing login. After logging in click the Create Project button.

 2. Give your project a name, and either accept the default Project ID or create your own, then click the Create button. Google will automatically take you to the API Manager page after creating your new project.

Before proceeding, ensure you have the new project selected using the dropdown menu.

 3. From the API Manager page, select Drive API. On the next page, enable this API in order to enable mounting for your Google Drive account.

 4. Once you enable the API, Google will warn you that credentials will need to be set before the API can be used. To do this, either select the Go to Credentials button shown below, or the Credentials menu option on the left-hand side of the page.

 5. To ensure the credentials we will be setting are correct, Google will ask how the API will be accessed. To allow a successful mount, use the following options :

  • Google Drive API
  • Web Browser (Javascript)
  • User data

 6. The next step will involve inserting the URL for our DattoDrive subdomain where we will be accessing the API from.

Under Authorized Javascript Origins insert the URL for your subdomain. For example :


Under Authorized Redirect URIs we will want to insert the specific page where we will be attempting to access the API from. Since we will want to grant access to both pages (Admin/Personal) we can use the URI below which includes the wildcard '*' :


 7.  Set up the consent screen which you will need to access in order to grant access later on. Once you complete this, setup, Google will ask if you want to download your client ID.  Click I'll do that later to return to the API Manager page.

8. Select the left-hand side Credentials tab which will bring up a page that has your Client ID and Client Secret. You will need these to mount your Drive account.

 9. When mounting within the Admin or Personal page within your account, browse to the External Storage app and input the Client ID and Client Secret. You will not yet be able to access your Drive storage, because you have not yet selected Grant Access.

 10. After selecting Grant Access, click Allow to complete the mounting process.

 If any errors are encountered here, please read the error as it is likely related to the improper Authorized Redirect URIs being set

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