How To Set Up Federated Cloud Sharing


Federated Cloud Sharing allows you to mount file shares from remote Datto Drive servers, creating your own cloud of Datto Drives. This differs from sharing your files and folders with Users and Groups on your own Datto Drive.

NOTE: You can add remote users from any ownCloud instance, whether it is Datto Drive or not.

Before you can add a remote user, you need to know the Federated Cloud ID of the user. Most times, this ID follows the form <username>@<DD-server-URL>. In the example below, the remote user To find your own Federated Cloud ID, go to the Personalmenu, and scroll down to the Federated Cloud section.

Creating a New Federated Cloud Share

Follow these steps to create a new share:

Go to your Files page and click the Share icon on the file or directory you want to share.

Enter the Federated Cloud ID of the remote user. The form automatically echoes the address that you type and labels it as remote.

You'll see a status indicator as Datto Drive looks for the remote server.

When your local Datto Drive makes a successful connection with the remote Datto Drive, you’ll see a confirmation.

Your recipient on the other end of the link will see a dialog asking them to confirm the new share. All they have to do is click the Add remote share button.

Click the Share icon anytime to see who you have shared your file with. Remove your linked share anytime by clicking the trash can icon. This removes the link to the share and does not delete any files.

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