Configure DattoDrive Application To Run As A Service



The steps here will allow the DattoDrive application to run as a service. This is beneficial for users who would like to ensure their acount will continue syncing even if the user is not actively signed into the client machine.

This process involves using a third party application NSSM to configure the application to run as a service.


  • Overlay Icons within Explorer/Finder/Nautilus indicating sync status for synchronized directories and files do not work properly.
  • If an entire synchronized directory is completely cleared out, continuous synchronization will not resume until a prompt on the user's desktop is bypassed.


    1. Download and install the DattoDrive client logged. (Typically should be done with the user account who will be configuring the sync)
    2. Configure the client as desired. Instructions for different setups can be found here. Test the the connection and ensure everything is working properly before proceeding.
    3. Next, log back into the PC using an Administrator account.
    4. Download the NSSM package. (No installation necessary). Place it in a directory that is easily navigated to (Preferred locations are within your PATH)
    5. Install the DattoDrive application as a service using the command below.

C:\nssm-2.16\win64\nssm.exe install dattodrive

In this example, the archive was extracted to C:\

  1. This will pop up a dialog box where we can select the executable for our application. Here we'll select C:\Program Files (x86)\dattodrive\dattodrive.exe
  2. Click the Install Service button. Afterwards, you should get a message "Service "dattodrive" installed successfully!"
  3. Go to services (services.msc), locate the dattodrive service and double-click it.

    Service Configuration:

    • Startup Type: "Automatic (Delayed Start)" This ensures that the networking and other system components are fully available before attempting to start ownCloud.
    • Stop the service (if it is running).
    • Log On Tab, tic the "This account:" radio button. Fill in your user account credentials. If you are using a domain or AD account, make sure to enter the domain name and username "domain\user" format. Click Apply, it should test credentials and let you know if you entered everything right.
  4. Go back to the General Tab, and start the service.

NOTE: OwnCloud will now be running as a service and should sync normally. There is NO GUI, so you can not see the status and there is no indication it is working other than the service starting with no errors. If you ever need to update or change settings, you should stop the service, login in as your dedicated owncloud service account and make the changes in the OwnCloud configuration. Then close ownCloud and start the service again.

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