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This article explains how to install, configure, and use the ConnectWise integration with Datto.

The ConnectWise integration allows Datto to create tickets and agreements in your ConnectWise environment.


Before starting, ensure that your setup meets the following criteria: 

  • You are running ConnectWise version 2012 or later
  • You have the desktop application of ConnectWise installed. The web client does not offer access to all the necessary tables
  • You have access to the setup tables such as configuration type and integrator

Device Setup

When an alert is raised on your Datto device, Datto's ConnectWise integration immediately opens a service ticket on your service board. 

You will see mention of "Device alerts" and "Agent alerts" during the setup process on the Partner Portal later on.

For a Device or Agent alert to create a ticket, you must first set an email address for that type of alert, for information on setting up these alerts, please check the links above for more information. A specified email address is what tells the device to raise alert messages. Later in the setup, you can decide if you want to actually receive emails, but simply having one in place is necessary for the alerting process to begin.  

Please Note: Datto Appliances do not raise service board tickets for screenshot alerts.

ConnectWise Setup


Access the integrator by clicking System > Setup Tables and then searching for the Integrator table.


Once there, you can add a new integrator. Be sure all the fields match the examples in the image below. 

  1. Username: This must be dattoCW (matching case). 
  2. Password: No restrictions but be sure that you can remember or easily access it. 
  3. Access Level: Set to All Records.
  4. You will see a large list of APIs. See the list below for the APIs to enable.
  • Service Ticket API
  • Managed Services API
  • Contact API
  • Company API
  • Activity API
  • Invoice API
  • Product API
  • Marketing API
  • Purchasing API
  • Reporting API
  • System API
  • Configuration API
  • Agreement API

Once all of this is set up and correct, click Save near the top to finalize it.

Configuration Type

Now you can make a Configuration type specifically for the Datto devices. Open the setup tables again, search for "Configuration", and then select the Configuration Types (not Configuration Status) table. 

Name the config type whatever you want but note the name as you will use it again later in the setup process.

ConnectWise Billing Setup

This part of set up is only for using the billing side of Datto's integration. This involves attaching an agreement to the configuration and also adding additions to agreements in the event of an overage.

Managed Device Integration

For billing, set a Managed Device Integration to allow the integrator to use.

  • The name and solution can be named as you wish but you will need it later so make sure you can remember it
  • The integrator login must be dattoCW that you set up previously
  • The box for "Set Configuration to Bill the Customer" must be checked
  • "Match on Serial Number" must be checked
  • "Disable Newly Discovered Cross-References:" must be UN-checked.

Partner Portal Setup

To set up Datto Partner Portal integration, open the Partner Portal. Choose the Admin tab > Integrations and then choose the ConnectWise tab.

You should be met with the credentials input. The host and company name are the same that you use to log in to ConnectWise. The password is what you set for the integrator in Step 2 of the Integrator process above. Once confirmed, select the configuration type that you set up earlier from the drop-down menu.

Once complete, you will see a list of your devices. Click one to continue with the setup.


Company Selection

Begin typing the name of the client company associated with the Datto appliance and then select the correct name from the resulting drop-down. The drop-down may take a few moments to load.

Do not type the full company name and then click ContinueYou must select the company from the drop down for the contact to load properly. Once you click the company name, you can select the contact from the dropdown and then you can click Continue.



Select the agreement to attach to the configuration and attach a product if desired. You can skip this step if you would like to move on without an agreement.

Service Board

Enter the Service Board that will receive alert-generated tickets from the Datto appliance and select a status for the new tickets. Service and Subtypes are optional. 

Alert Setup

The Alert Setup screen lets you specify whether to receive ConnectWise tickets, emails, or both from each of the Device and Agent alert types. 

Click Continue to complete the setup and create the configuration in ConnectWise.

Default Settings

You can accelerate future device setups by adjusting your default values to match your custom settings. Get started by clicking the "Set Default Values" link at the top of the ConnectWise tab. Set the defaults the same way you set them during individual device setup, but click Use Defaults to when assigning a company to help speed up the setup.

For redundancy, Datto strongly recommends configuring your integration to receive both e-mail and ConnectWise alerts, as shown below.

Overage Setup

The ConnectWise integration allows Datto to send you an addition to your selected agreement type that will charge a company if it goes over its offsite tier. You can set the agreement type for the agreements that will hold the overages.

Also, you can also set how much to charge the overages for every TB (Siris) or 500GB (Alto) they exceed the limit.


If you have any problems or questions, reach out to Datto's Technical Support team.

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