Secondary Replication



This article describes the Secondary Replication feature for Datto appliances. 

Secondary Replication is not available on the ALTO or NAS product line.


  • Datto SIRIS


This feature provides partners in Canada, UK, and EMEA the option to have their data replicated from their primary datacenter to a secondary datacenter. 

Secondary Datacenter Locations

Datacenter replication is determined based on the appliance's geographic region. It is not possible to manually change the target datacenter. The secondary datacenter for each location is as follows:

  • Canada → Calgary
  • UK → Iceland
  • Germany → Iceland
  • Sydney → Melbourne

Datto shares secondary replication within the United States between its bi-coastal datacenters.

Feature Details

  • To protect your data from malicious deletion, removing any replicated backup points through the device UI (either through the Manage Recovery Points page or as a result of retention activity) will only delete data from the local appliance and its primary datacenter.
  • Datto stores all backups replicated to secondary datacenters as daily snapshots and retains them at the secondary location for up to 90 days.

Managing Secondary Replication on your Datto Appliance

This feature is enabled by default and can only be toggled on or off. It will not automatically re-enable itself if you disable it. To manage the Secondary Replication setting, access the GUI of your Datto appliance. From the device home page, click Configure → Device Settings. You can find the Secondary Replication toggle in the location shown in Figure 1.

mceclip1.pngFigure 1: Configure → Device Settings → Secondary Replication (click to enlarge)

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