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This article details the Datto NAS 3 platform. Please note that this article will be periodically updated to include the latest support documentation available.



Deduplication - Block-level deduplication dramatically reduces the amount of storage used by storing a block of data only once. Subsequent storage of the same data block creates a reference, rather than storing the block of data again.

  • ZFS Deduplication performs block level deduplication of data as it is stored, greatly reducing the storage required to store backups.
  • ZFS deduplication can be turned off or on per share. Deduplication is not 'retroactive.' It will only deduplicate for backups starting at the point when it is enabled

RAM and CPU requirements are higher for these features. It is recommended to have 1GB RAM per 1TB storage.

Infinite Cloud Retention
Datto NAS users can now opt for Infinite Cloud Retention of their NAS backup images. Infinite Cloud Retention allows you to store an unlimited amount of data in the Datto Cloud forever at a small incremental expense over Time Based Retention.

NAS Guard
Many times our partners will have clients that are using an existing NAS such as a QNAP or Synology that they do not want to replace with the DattoNAS; however, those devices need a backup solution. NAS Backup will provide the ability to backup a third party NAS to the DattoNAS at which point it would be backed up to the Datto Cloud like any other share.

This will be performed by mounting the share on the Datto and then taking a backup of the mounted share.

Datto Drive Local
Sometimes, security, policy or regulatory requirements will dictate a locally-hosted solution. Datto Drive Local delivers the same experience, using the same source code as Datto Drive, but it is hosted on local DNAS and SIRIS devices.

New Hardware
Datto NAS hardware has been updated to better fit your use cases. You can now choose from two hardware platforms when purchasing Datto NAS 3: ALTO or SIRIS. This means you can purchase NAS on ALTO for cost efficient storage, or NAS on SIRIS for higher-performance storage.

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