Datto Drive Enhancements




This article provides an overview of recent Datto Drive enhancements.

Please note that this article will be periodically updated to include the latest support documentation available.


Datto Drive now takes daily backups of all configurations and user content. Backups are retained for anywhere from 7 to 90 days, depending on your service level. Retention levels are as follows:

  • Free - retention of data from the last 7 days
  • Business - retention of data from the last 30 days
  • Professional - retention of data from the last 90 days


Account Impersonation - With account impersonation enabled, properly authenticated admins can now log in and assume the role of other users on the system. Authorized partners can see and help resolve issues quickly, without resorting to third-party remote control applications. 

Management Improvements - A new partner portal for Datto Drive mirrors functionality and look of Status 2.0; this update also improves custom branding capabilities.

Usage Reporting - This functionality is built for user auditing. Select your time period, select the types of activities, and filter to create a report. From uploads and downloads, to logins and failed authentication attempts, every activity on Datto Drive is logged and visible to admins in this easy to use interface.

Federated Sharing - Datto Drive federated sharing allows users from one Datto Drive instance to share with users of another Datto Drive instance. Simply share an external link, and users of Datto Drive can virtually mount the external link on their instance of Datto Drive. Remove the share link when the project is over to remove the federated share.

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