Datto Networking Appliance (DNA): Commonly-Forwarded Ports



This is a list of TCP and UDP ports, with commonly forwarded ports broken out separately. 

Commonly Forwarded Ports

Literal PROTOCOL Value Description
echo TCP, UDP 7 Echo
discard TCP, UDP 9 Discard
daytime TCP 13 Day time, RFC 867
netstat   15 Netstat
chargen TCP 19 Charactor Generator
nameserver UDP 42 Host Name Server
tacacs TCP,UDP 49 Terminal Access Controller Access Control System Plus
domain TCP, UDP 53 DNS
http TCP 80 HTTP web
pop3 TCP 110 Post Office Protocol - Version 3
sftp TCP 115 SFTP
ntp UDP 123 Network Time Protocol
imap4 TCP 143 Internet Message Access Protocol, version 4
https TCP 443 HTTP over SSL
smtp tcp 587 Alternate Simple Mail Transport Protocol
ldaps TCP 636 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (SSL)
pop3s TCP,UDP 995 pop3 protocol over TLS/SSL
socks TCP 1080 SOCKS Proxy


Other Common Ports

Literal PROTOCOL Value Description
ftp-data TCP 20 File Transfer Protocol (data port)
ftp TCP 21 File Transfer Protocol (control port)
ssh TCP 22 Secure Shell
telnet   23 Telnet
smtp TCP 25 Simple Mail Transport Protocol
bootps UDP 67 Bootstrap Protocol Server
bootpc UDP 68 Bootstrap Protocol Client
gopher TCP 70 Gopher
finger TCP 79 Finger
hostname TCP 101 NIC Host Name Server
pop2 TCP 109 Post Office Protocol - Version 2
sunrpc (rpc) TCP,UDP 111 Sun Remote Procedure Call
ident TCP 113 Ident authentication service
nntp TCP 119 Network News Transfer Protocol
netbios-ns UDP 137 NetBIOS Name Service
netbios-dgm UDP 138 NetBIOS Datagram Service
netbios-ssn TCP 139 NetBIOS Session Service
snmp UDP 161 Simple Network Management Protocol
snmptrap UDP 162 Simple Network Management Protocol - Trap
bgp TCP 179 Border Gateway Protocol, RFC 1163
irc TCP 194 Internet Relay Chat protocol
dnsix UDP 195 DNSIX Session Management Module Audit Redirector
ldap TCP 389 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
mobile-ip UDP 434 MobileIP-Agent
pim-auto-rp TCP, UDP 496 Protocol Independent Multicast, reverse path flooding, dense mode
isakmp UDP 500 Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
biff UDP 512 Used by mail system to notify users that new mail is received
exec TCP 512 Remote process execution
login TCP 513 Remote login
cmd TCP 514 Similar to exec except that cmd has automatic authentication
syslog UDP 514 System Log
lpd TCP 515 Line Printer Daemon - printer spooler
rip UDP 520 Routing Information Protocol
klogin TCP 543 KLOGIN
kshell TCP 544 Korn Shell
kerberos TCP, UDP 750 Kerberos
lotusnotes TCP 1352 IBM Lotus Notes
citrix-ica TCP 1494 Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol
sqlnet TCP 1521 Structured Query Language Network
radius UDP 1645 Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service
radius-acct UDP 1646 Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (accounting)
h323 TCP 1720 H.323 call signalling
pptp TCP 1723 Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol 
ctiqbe TCP 2748 Computer Telephony Interface Quick Buffer Encoding
SIP TCP, UDP 5060 Clear text SIP
SIP-TLS TCP, UDP 5061 Encrypted SIP
aol TCP 5190 AOL
secureid-udp UDP 5510 SecureID over UDP
pcanywhere-data TCP 5631 pcAnywhere data
pcanywhere-status UDP 5632 pcAnywhere status

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