What's the difference between 'Client Managed' and 'Partner Managed'?


When setting up services for a new customer in the Datto SaaS Protection Partner Store, you have the option to set up each service as Partner Managed or Client Managed.

At a high level, Partner Managed services are administered through the Application Management Dashboard, whereas Client Managed services are accessed through the original Backupify log-in page

Is there an opportunity for a Client Managed service provisioned through the Datto SaaS Protection Store to be Client Managed?

These Clients have been on-boarded by Resellers who do not have the credentials or authority to act on behalf of the Client. Partner Managed services have been on-boarded by managed services providers who do have the credentials and/or authority to manage their Clients' accounts.

Are there any functionality differences in a Client Managed account?

There are no functionality differences in the information available in the Application Management Dashboard between Partner Managed and Client Managed services.

In a Client Managed environment, can Partners see the Application Management Dashboard, even if they cannot access the account?

Resellers without end-user access can still see the Application Management Dashboard metrics, but cannot drill down in the application to fix or monitor issues themselves. The Partner in this case must instead reach out to their client and notify them to monitor their services within the application.

Do Resellers who are not Partners have access to the Datto SaaS Protection Store/Application Management Dashboard now?

All resellers that have access to the Datto SaaS Protection Store/Application Management Dashboard are considered Partners. We divide our Partners into two groups:


Resellers have no authority to manage Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection on behalf of their clients

Managed Service Providers

Managed Service Providers do have the authority to manage their clients' Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection data.

Also, these relationships can vary between clients as well. A partner who acts in a 'reseller' capacity to one of their clients could act in an 'managed service provider capacity' for another of one their clients.


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