Final error (-8 Not enough storage is available to process this command.)



When you attempt a backup of a protected machine, you receive the error message, "Final error (-8 Not enough storage is available to process this command.)"


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO


  • This error code is an official Microsoft System Error Code (external link), that means, "not enough memory."
  • There is not enough free space on the protected drive to run a backup.
  • For Windows Server 2008, the protected machine does not have Microsoft Hotfix KB976494 (external link) installed.
  • Desktop heap allocation issues can also cause this error.


  • Check the available space of each protected volume. Datto recommends maintaining at least 30% free space per protected volume, with a minimum of 20% free space per protected volume at all times.

     Volume Utilization



    0 – 70%


    Utilization is good.

    71 – 80%


    Utilization is outside optimal limits. Monitor the volume growth and look at cleaning up unnecessary files and moving non-essential data to other storage.

    81 – 100%


    Volume is becoming critical. Snapshots will start to fail, disk queue lengths will increase. Create space.

  • For Windows Server 2008, install Microsoft Hotfix KB976494. You must reboot the protected machine after installing this hotfix.
  • For troubleshooting desk heap allocation issues, read this article.

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