Backing up an External Share (NAS Guard)



This article explains how to use the NAS Guard feature available on Datto SIRIS and Datto NAS. This feature allows you to back up an SMB share from any system to your Datto appliance. The share will then be replicated to the Datto Cloud by your Datto appliance.


Follow these steps to add the SMB share to your Datto appliance:

Open the web interface. Then, go to the File Share menu, and choose Network Attached Storage.

Click the button Backup External Share.

Enter a name for the Share. Then, fill in the SMB address, and credentials (if necessary). Then, click Next.

Review the summary, and then click Finish.

Your share will now back up to the Datto appliance every 60 minutes.

Share Settings

In Share Settings, you can do the following:


Q: Is there a limitation to share size?
A: The current share size limit is 16 TB. If the NAS device or share you will be protecting is smaller than that, or lacks the free space, the working share size will also be lower. The share on the Datto appliance cannot be resized after you create it.

Q: How often does the Datto appliance create recovery points of the copied share?
A: Recovery point creation is set to an interval of one every 60 minutes.

Q: How many points will sync offsite?
A: By default, the Datto appliance replicates one recovery point offsite per day. You can change the offsite synchronization configuration in the GUI of the Datto device.

Q: If my share is on a domain, should I join the Datto appliance the domain?
A: Yes, you will need to join the Datto device to the domain as well. This will allow the Datto appliance to connect to the external share using domain credentials.

Q: Are the share name and username I enter case-sensitive?
A: It is a best-practice to respect case for the share name and username. Although certain systems will disregard case, others may not.

Q: Does NAS Guard preserve Windows and Unix permissions?
A: Depending on your environment, NAS Guard may or may not be able to preserve your NTFS and Unix permissions. Datto strongly recommends testing a restore to verify whether your users' permissions can be restored. 

Q: How would I add a group as read-only for a share?
A: Permissions within the share will reflect the permissions on the external share. There should be no need to add the same permissions to the share on the Datto appliance.

Q: Which Datto appliances are able to use this feature?
A: Currently any device running IRIS 3 (Ubuntu 16.04), excluding Alto 1.

Q: Do I need to install anything on my hardware to back up my share?
A: You do not need to install any software. The Datto appliance will not make any modifications to the share during the pairing or backup processes. All external shares mount on the Datto appliance as read-only.

Q: What are my restore options?
You have the capability to mount file restores of snapshots in the GUI of the Datto appliance. You can also mount file restores in the Recovery Launchpad.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of shares I can have on the Datto appliance?
A: There is currently no limit, although the collective size of the shares would determine how many you could add.

Q: Is there a way I can put a limit on share sizes?
A: The limit for the share's size is determined by the Datto appliance on pairing. Any limit on the overall usage of the share would depend on how much change happens in the backups, and the retention settings to limit the overall growth.

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