Autotask Integration Troubleshooting



How do I troubleshoot Autotask integration issues?


  • Autotask PSA
  • Autotask RMM


Datto can integrate with both Autotask PSA (Professional Services Automation) and the Autotask Endpoint Management RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management).

Click here For Autotask Endpoint Management integration support.
To find your API key for the AEM integration, follow the steps in this article.

Before reaching out to Datto Support, review the following steps:

Ticket Creation

If you are not receiving tickets properly into your service queue, check the Autotask configuration page for the integration.

Figure 1: The Autotask configuration page

Once there, check the following:

  • Is the device configured for Autotask? You can tell this if it has a green check instead of a red x.
  • Are all the fields for ticket configuration filled out correctly? 
  • Are the alerts going to their proper location? Check the agent and device settings on the left side. If they are set for email, then it is skipping the integration and only sending an email. 
If you have alerts set to email, and you entered your support email address for receipt, you may have tickets created in your Autotask database. Most customers redirect this address to their Autotask-hosted ticket creation address via a redirect rule. If so, the ticket created uses the settings configured in Autotask instead of those on this page. For more information, see Incoming Email Processing.

Once you have checked the above, click Send Test Ticket in the center of the form.

The test ticket arrived but alerts are still not opening tickets

Verify that alerts are set to be created. Datto's integration effectively takes sent email alerts, intercepts them, and pushes them through the API into your service queue.

With this in mind, go to the page where these alerts are configured. Make sure that all emails for which you want tickets created are set. Without emails set, the alerts will not be raised and tickets will not be created. The email you enter does not matter if you have your integration set for Autotask Only, and is only there to ensure the alert is raised.

Device Alerts:
All alerts on this page will create tickets.

Figure 2: Device alerts

Agent Alerts:

This section lets you configure which actions will send email alerts. You can select:

  • successful screenshot notifications
  • failed screenshot notifications
  • Weekly backup reports
  • backup warnings (issues with individual backups)
  • critical backup errors
  • log digests

Figure 3: Set email notifications

Datto Appliances do not raise service board tickets for screenshot alerts.

Failed to add device to Autotask/ This InstalledProduct

This problem can come up in two forms: when trying to initially create the configuration item and when trying to activate a device already added. Examples of both below:

When creating the Configuration Item: Failed to add device to Autotask.

Figure 4: Failed to add device to Autotask

When activating the Configuration Item: This InstalledProduct cannot be associated with this Vendor. It is either not active or does not exist in the system.

Figure 5: The InstalledProduct error


1. In the Autotask side menu, choose Inventory, then Products.

Figure 6: The Inventory menu

2. Search for the integrated Datto device, then click the device name to edit.

Figure 7: The Product Search menu

3. In the Edit Product window, uncheck the Active box, and searchj for the Datto SKU in the Product SKU box.

Figure 8: The Edit Product menu

Setting the Datto account on Autotask

Both of the preceding errors commonly occur when the Datto account isn't set correctly on Autotask. Search for Datto under your accounts, and you should see an account for Datto, Inc. select that account to edit.

1. Make sure the Active checkbox is filled.

Figure 9: Edit account

2. Scroll down to Account Type and make sure it is set to Vendor.

Figure 10: Account type

Save the new settings and try to submit the changes on the partner portal. If the issue continues, contact Datto Technical Support.

Did you change your Autotask account information or password?

If you change your Autotask password, this may cause the integration page to fail, and it will not generate tickets. Contact Datto Technical Support for assistance.

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