Navigating the Datto Academy Dashboard



This article explains how anyone granted Power User status can access and work with the Datto Academy Dashboard to view academy and employee metrics metrics, assign courses, assign learning plans, and run reports.

For more specific information, see Enrolling Users, Running Reports, or Viewing User Summaries.

Using the Datto Academy Dashboard

Access the Dashboard by clicking the Gears icon in the left pane. The dashboard is the center of information on your company’s academy statistics and user compliance/ metrics. From here you can view individual user summaries, change passwords, and enroll users.

Dashboard Widgets

User Personal Summary

Here you can access user profiles and consult a summary of their activity in the Academy. 

Change Password

Brings you to the change password form. Here you can enter an employee name and email address to update/change that person's password. You can also change the user's default language and time zone. 

Enroll Users

Select one or more users and subscribe them to one or multiple courses. You can also choose their respective role (instructor, tutor, learner) in the course.

Import from Google Apps

Not supported.

Dashboard Metrics

Filter by date

Here you can filter Academy metrics by date, either monthly, within a certain date range, or from when you started using Datto Academy.


Allows you to download and/or view pre-assembled reports ranging from courses, learning plans, and user interaction.


The widget gives a high level overview for completed courses, course enrollment, and courses that lack materials.

Recent activities

This graph allows you to view employee usage by days in the current month to see Academy usage trends and how often your employees use the Academy.  In addition, the “Number of Sessions” column displays usage relative to previous days and weeks.

Course and Students Status

Indicates how many courses are active, not yet started, in progress, or completed.

Courses with waiting users

Shows courses that have users waiting to finish taking courses. This does not identify individual users although it does display the overall number of incomplete sessions. 

Most popular courses

Displays the most popular courses within your firm. This information can give insight to what types of learning objects are engaging your learners.

Least Complete Courses

Displays courses that your employees are not completing. Lists courses as a percentage of users who have not engaged with the course in question.

Most Completed Courses

As with most popular courses, this widget shows the most completed courses and at what percentage of your user base have completed them.


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