Datto Academy: How To Enroll A User To A Learning Plan



This article explains the procedure for Datto Academy Power Users to enroll individuals or groups to Learning Plans in Datto Academy.


A Datto Academy Power User is vested with additional administrative privileges on the Datto Academy. By default, users classified as the Primary Account Owner or Administrator in the Partner Portal are given Power User functions on the Datto Academy.

If you would like to be designated a Power User, or if you experience problems with Power User functionality, email teaching@datto.com.

A Learning Plan is a collection of courses designed to be taken together to achieve a certification, competency, or shared set of skills. When enrolling a user to a learning plan, they subsequently get enrolled to every course contained in that learning plan. Datto recommends enrolling users to learning plans rather than individual courses.


1. As a Datto Academy Power User, navigate to the upper-right hand corner of the Datto Academy and click the gear icon to bring down Power User functions:

Figure 1: Click on the gear icon for Power User functions 

2. On the drop-down page, select Manage under Learning Plan.

Figure 2: Select Manage under Learning Plan

3. On that next page, find the learning plan you are looking for and click the silhouette icon. This brings up the Assign Users page.

Figure 3: Click the silhouette icon for the selected course

4. On the Assign Users page, click Assign users. 


Figure 4: The Assign Users page

  • At the prompt, you can select the users you are enrolling, as well as individuals already enrolled. The search box can narrow your search for specific users you wish to enroll. Click Confirmwhen finished.
  • On the left side of the dialog box, you can select Groups, which will give you a list of groups you can enroll. A group is a collection of users, and may be a more effective way of enrolling them.
  • The Branch designation is designed to be used by Datto Academy administrators rather than Power Users.

Figure 5: Confirm enrolled users

5. To unenroll a user, click the X icon and confirm unassignment. The user will remain subscribed to all the courses for the learning plan; they will only be unassigned from the learning plan schema.

Figure 6: Unassign users

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