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Part 4 - Setting Your Custom Domain



This article explains how to set a custom domain in the Datto Drive Professional and Pro 20 packages. 

This feature is only available on the Datto Drive Cloud application. 


The Datto Drive Professional and Pro20 packages also allow you to set a custom URL for Datto Drive so it can be consistent with your product offerings. Datto Drive uses the configuration files you generate to redirect the drive URL to your custom domain. 


1. Register Your Custom URL

The first step is to register the domain that you wish to use for your custom Datto Drive.  This is not a feature provided by Datto as part of the Professional/Pro20 accounts and must be done separately.

2. Generate a Self-Signed Certificate

The Self-Signed Certificate (CRT) will generate two files: a .KEY and a .CRT file. These will ultimately be uploaded to the server on which your Datto Drive account resides. You can go here to generate a certificate. Any other key generation site will work as well. 

If you do not purchase an SSL certificate package, you will receive security warnings each time you visit your domain. 

3. Create a CNAME Record

CNAME stands for Canonical Name. CNAME records can be used to alias one name to another. This is used for URL redirection.

Using the vendor through which you registered your new domain, you need to create a CNAME record that points from the new URL to your existing Datto Drive URL. Contact your hosting service if you need assistance. 

Be sure to select the "Generate Self Signed Certificate" check box before clicking the Generate button.

4. Enter Your Custom Domain in the Datto Drive portal

Navigate to This is the Datto Drive account management portal. Select the drive and then select “Manage”.  

Figure 1: Select Manage from the Drive Administration page in 

Within the Datto Drive portal, select Custom Domain and enter the domain name for that particular Datto Drive instance.  

Figure 2: Enter the custom domain

5. Upload your .KEY and .CRT files

Attach and upload the .KEY and .CRT files you generated in step 2. If there are issues with either of these files, recreate them or contact the resource that provided them. 

Figure 3: Upload the .Key and .CRT files

When these steps are completed and saved, the Datto Drive account will be accessible at the new URL. The desktop sync client and mobile apps will also understand and respect the custom URL.

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