How Does Reporting Work in Datto Saas Protection 2.0 for G Suite?



How Does Reporting Work in Datto Saas Protection 2.0 for G Suite?


  • Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 for G Suite


From the Datto SaaS Protection dashboard, select any G Suite application to open the Backup Overview screen.

Figure 1: Select the appropriate app

From the Backup Overview screen, select Reporting from the top menu.

Figure 2: Select Reporting from the top menu

On the next screen, you can choose to run a System Audit Report, or an Account Activity Report, both downloadable as .csv files.

Figure 3: The Reporting screen

System Audit Report

The System Audit report shows system event details, including:

  • What system events occurred
  • When the events occurred (timestamp)
  • Whether the events succeeded or failed
  • The event IDs
  • The User name and email of the account on which the event took place
  • The number of successful or failed attempts
  • The Application in which the event occurred
  • The snapshot ID of the backup (if the event was a backup)

Figure 4: System Status Report

 Account Activity Log

The Account Activity Log shows details for activity on the account, including:

  • Which user performed the action
  • What type of action was performed
  • When the activity occurred
  • The success or fail state of the activity
  • A verbose description of the action

Figure 4: Account Activity report

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