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How Do I Install and Set up Datto Saas Protection 2.0 for G Suite Via the SaaS Store?



How Do I install and set up Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 for G Suite?


  • Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 for G Suite


1. Open a private browsing or incognito window, then log into G Suite as a super admin user (only super admins will be able to set up a Backupify account). From the G suite Admin page, choose Apps.

Figure 1: Choose Apps from the G Suite admin page (click to enlarge)

2. Click the plus sign to add Marketplace apps.

Figure_2.pngFigure 2: Add Marketplace Apps (click to enlarge)

3. In the Marketplace, search for Backupify, then click the icon to install.

Figure_3.pngFigure 3: Search for and install Backupify (click to enlarge)

4. Click through the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Figure_4.pngFigure 4: Complete the installation (click to enlarge)

5. log into the Datto Partner Portal, click Purchasing and Billing from the top menu, then select Store from the drop-down menu.

Figure 5: The Datto Partner Portal (click to enlarge)

6. Select SaaS Protection.

Figure 6: Datto Store (click to enlarge)

7. Select the client from the drop-down menu. For new clients, click New Client.

Figure 4: Client selection (click to enlarge)

8. On the next screen, select Google Apps. When prompted, enter the number of seats, then click Generate Quote. 

Figure 5. Product selection (click to enlarge)

9. Review and confirm the quote.

Figure 6: Confirm your quote (click to enlarge)

10. Enter your payment details.

Figure 7: Enter payment information (click to enlarge)

11. Once payment is confirmed click Manage Clients/Applications.

Figure 8: Payment confirmation (click to enlarge)

You will now be taken to the Datto SaaS Backup Dashboard.

Figure 9: Datto SaaS Protection Dashboard (click to enlarge)

12. Click This product is partner-managed on the app selection you wish to protect, then agree to the terms and conditions. You will be prompted to enter your administrator email. You will now be taken to the onboarding wizard. 

The time zone in Backupify is set to GMT by default. This setting is not configurable within Backupify.
Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 does not support two-factor authentication at this time.

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