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This article describes the Migrate Storage feature of the Datto appliance GUI.


  • All SIRIS Business units excluding those with non-replaceable drives
  • SIRIS Professional 1TB or 2TB to 2TB or 3TB (Upgrade Warning)
  • SIRIS 3 Professional 1TB to 2TB, 4TB or 6TB, 2TB to 4TB or 6TB, 4TB to 6TB
  • Alto XL 1TB or 2TB to 2TB or 3TB
  • Datto NAS 500, 1TB, or 2TB to 1TB, 2TB, or 3TB
  • SIRIS 4 Professional 2TB to 4TB, 6TB or 10TB, 4TB to 6TB or 10TB, 6TB to 10TB
Do not use the Migrate Storage feature for any field upgrades not listed above. Contact Datto Technical Support for assistance.



The Migrate Storage feature allows an operator to perform simple field upgrades, in a mirror or parity configuration, of the storage array of any upgradable device. An operator can also use this tool to replace appliance hard drives which are in a pre-failure state.

The Migrate Storage tool cannot currently detect drives that are in a complete failure state - if the drive you are replacing is in this state, contact Datto Technical Support for assistance.

Technical Notes

  • Virtual Datto appliances are unsupported
  • If upgrading storage, the Datto appliance will set a quota when it performs its billing check post-upgrade and will cap the usable storage at a level appropriate to the tier of billing it detects. Therefore, if a device billed for 4 TB of storage is upgraded using 8 TB drives, the device will only allow 4 TB of storage to be used. Contact your Datto Sales Executive before upgrading storage to ensure that your device's service plan is compatible with the amount of upgraded storage desired.
The Supermicro SAS card (AOC-SAS2LP-MV8) installed in SIRIS units manufactured before April 1, 2015, is incompatible with 3 TB drives. If your Datto appliance contains this card, contact your Datto Sales Executive for assistance with obtaining a replacement controller before installing any 3 TB drives.


Navigate to the Advanced Device Status page in the Datto appliance GUI. In the Storage Upgrade and Repair category, click Manage Storage, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Storage Upgrade and Repair → Manage Storage (click to enlarge)

You will see the Migrate Storage page shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Select destinations (click to enlarge)

You will see the following information on the Migrate Storage page:

1. Available Destinations: This field displays a list of the hard drives currently detected by the Datto appliance, along with the following information:

  • Name: Displays the Linux drive letter assigned to each drive during the most recent boot. These drive letters may change each time the device boots.
  • Status: Indicates which drives are already part of the device's homePool configuration (listed as Active) and which are new.
  • Model: Lists the detected model of the available drives.
  • Drive Size: Lists the raw drive size of each drive.
  • Serial: Lists the detected serial numbers of the available drives.
  • Health: Provides an assessment of each drive's health, as determined by SMART error reporting.

2. Refresh: Refreshes the list of available hard drives.
3. Blink Drive LEDs: If your Datto appliance has hot-swappable hard drives, clicking this button will cause the orange activity light on the hard drive bay of the selected drive(s) to illuminate solidly for 10 seconds.
4. Migration Configuration: Allows an operator to specify the type of operation to perform:

  • Replace Drive(s): 
    • Use this option if you need to replace an Active drive with a New drive in a scenario where you will be removing old drives (for example, when replacing a 1 TB drive with a 2 TB drive, or when you are replacing a drive in a pre-failure state).
    • To replace a drive, make sure that the replacement drive is inserted and listed as New and in good health. Select the Active drive you want to replace and the New drive you want to replace it with. Then, click Replace Drive(s).
Before attempting any field upgrade by using the Replace function, review this matrix for a list of the types of storage upgrades a Datto device operator can perform in the field.
  • Add ... to homePool Array [Mirror/RAID 1, Parity/RAID 5, Parity/RAID 6]: 
    • For use on SIRIS Imaged devices only. This allows you to expand redundancy of the array on the Datto appliance in a scenario where you will not be removing the old drives, or as directed by Technical Support.
      • To expand redundancy using this feature, make sure that the additional drives are inserted, select all of the New drives to add to the Active array configuration, and then select the desired RAID configuration. The Datto appliance will only allow you to select a compatible RAID configuration.
Contact Datto Technical Support for guidance before attempting to expand the array or reconfigure the RAID configuration on any Datto appliance.

5. Migration Options: Allows you to suspend activity on the Datto appliance during the migration or schedule a future time for the migration to take place. The available options are:

  • Temporarily Enter Maintenance Mode: Suspends all backup and screenshot activity on the Datto appliance during the migration.
  • Schedule Migration: Allows you to schedule the migration for a future date and time. Selecting this option will display a banner in the Datto appliance GUI reminding you that a migration is scheduled.

Once you have finished configuring migration options, click Next. You will see the Review & Confirm screen shown in Figure 3. Click Previous if you need to make changes to the migration configuration. Otherwise, click Migrate Now (or Schedule Migration, if you chose to carry out the changes at a future date) to proceed.

If you are replacing drives, do not remove the old drives until the migration completes.

Figure 3: Review & Confirm (click to enlarge)

You will be returned to the Datto appliance's Device Overview page.

  • If you schedule the migration for a future date, you will see a reminder that includes the date and time of the migration displayed at the top of the page.
  • If you choose to Migrate Now, you will see a banner advising that the migration is in progress. The Maintenance Mode banner will also appear unless you disabled the Temporarily Enter Maintenance Mode feature and the running migration will appear on the Storage Upgrade and Repair card of the Advanced Device Status page, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Migration in progress (click to enlarge)

When the migration completes, you will see a green banner with the message "A migration completed successfully." Datto appliance will resume normal activity.


Figure 5: Migration completed successfully

Next Steps

  • If you upgraded storage, to begin using your new storage space, contact Datto Technical Support to have your appliance's upgraded model information updated in the cloud database.
  • If you replaced drives, it is now safe to remove the old drives.

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