How Do I Restore Data in Backupify 2.0/Datto Saas Protection 2.0 for G Suite?



How do I restore data in Backupify 2.0/Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 for G Suite?


  • Datto SaaS Protection 2.0 for G Suite
  • Backupify 2.0 for G Suite


Navigating to the restore screen

1. From the Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify 2.0 dashboard, click the service you wish to restore, as shown in Figure 1. You can restore Drive, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Team Drives. You can also select these services at any time using the top navigational bar.

Figure 1: G Suite Services (click to image)

2. Select the user account from which to restore.

Figure 2: G Suite User Accounts (click to enlarge)

For Google Team Drives only, after selecting the service, a list of Team Drives associated with your account will display instead, as shown in Figure 3. Click any Team Drive to view its contents.

Figure 3: Team Drives (click to enlarge)

For historical Team Drives snapshots taken before 2019-03-15 select a user that has access to the desired Team Drive, then select the folder representing it. For more information, read this article.

Selecting snapshots and restoring

The navigation at the top of the restore screen allows for:

  • Searching for users across the domain with User
  • Searching the domain for keywords in user accounts with Search
  • Displaying previous exports with Export
  • Displaying previous restores with Restore

Figure 4: Navigation in the Restore screen (click to enlarge)

Clicking the Snapshot button allows you to select the point in time from which to restore.  

Figure 5: The Snapshot Selector (click to enlarge)

After selecting a snapshot, the additional selection buttons allow you to:

  • Search the account you selected with Search Account
  • Restore the snapshot chosen with Restore
  • Export the selected snapshot with Export
  • Force a backup by selecting Backup Now 

Figure 6: Search and restore options (click to enlarge)

You can then browse the contents of the snapshot, and use checkboxes next to each folder and file to select them.

Figure 7: The desired object selected (click to enlarge)

For information on restoring documents with shared permissions, read this article.

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