Datto Drive Local: Troubleshooting Datto Drive Conflict Files



When syncing files with Datto Drive, you see one or more _conflict files appear in the production machine's filesystem.


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Conflicts can occur when a file has changed in both the source and target locations since the last sync, making it difficult to determine which version should be left unchanged, and which version should be updated. For example, if you've changed a document on your desktop computer since the last synchronization, and also made a different change to the same document on your laptop, a file conflict will occur. Conflict files are created by the program that the file was created from and not from the sync software that it is being uploaded to.

A conflict may be caused by two or more users editing the same files at the same time, or by changes made to multiple versions of the file before the file has synced. We do not merge changes to files like version control systems like git do; we don’t modify user files, ever. So you will get two files, the one that was synced to the server first and the one you modified locally at the same time. You can compare the file changes by hand and delete the local file once you’re sure you did not lose data. Any files that are constantly changed or in use, such as database files, can contribute to conflict files being created.


Datto Drive is unable to recognize when a file is open for editing, and so it cannot not stop the synchronize process to wait for the file to be closed again. Changing the way a program syncs, or what a program syncs, can help resolve conflict files.

In the case of a database program syncing, the database itself will create conflict files, but you can still sync other files in that directory if needed, as long as they are not continuously changed by the software. To do this, launch the Datto Drive desktop application, and use the Selective Syncing option to turn off sync for the database files.

To remove or merge conflict files with their originals, consult the product documentation for the application which generated the conflict files.

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