INTERNAL - How do I install the Datto Windows Agent using Autotask Endpoint Management?



How do I install the Datto Windows Agent using Autotask?


  • Datto Windows Agent
  • Autotask Endpoint Management


1. Download the Datto Windows Agent installer from

Figure 1: Download the DWA installer (click to enlarge) 

2. In Autotask, click the Components tab, then select New Component from the drop-down menu.

Figure 2: Select New Components in Autotask (click to enlarge) 

3.  Enter the component installation details.

2.pngFigure 3: Enter the component installation details (click to enlarge) 

4. Click Add file to browse to the downloaded Datto Windows installer file.

3AddFile.pngFigure 4: Browse to the installer file (click to enlarge) 

 5. Enter the batch command to start the silent install:
DattoWindowsAgent.exe /S /norestart

Omitting the /norestart option will cause machines to forcibly reboot once the install completes.

4FileAddedScriptCommandAdded.pngFigure 5: Enter the batch file for the silent install (click to enlarge) 

 6. Go to the Sites tab and select Devices to see a list of available devices. Click the device or devices on which to install Datto Windows Agent.

Figure 6: Choose devices from the list (click to enlarge) 

7. Once the device is selected, click the gear Icon to schedule the installation job. 

Figure 7: Schedule the installation job (click to enlarge) 

8. A list of components will appear in a pop-up window. Check the box for DWA, the component you created earlier. 5.5ScheduleJobSelectDWA.pngFigure 8: Select DWA from the component list (click to enlarge) 

9. You will now see the Schedule a Job screen. Name the job, and select whether you would like it to run immediately, or at a scheduled time. 

Figure 9: Name and schedule the job (click to enlarge) 

 10. The installation job will now appear under Scheduled Jobs.

6JobScheduled.pngFigure 10: the active job (click to enlarge) 

 11. Datto Windows agent will now install on the selected machines.

The destination machines must be rebooted in order for the installation to complete.

8OnTheAgentDWAIsInstalled.pngFigure 11: The DWA is now installed (click to enlarge) 


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