SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: How Do I Manually Add Networking in the USB BMR Environment?



How do I manually add networking in the new USB Bare Metal Restore (BMR) environment using Nmtui?


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO
  • Disaster recovery


You normally configure networking through the BMR UI. However, you can set up networking manually if needed, using the steps below.

1. Log into the BMR environment and type ctrl+alt+f1 to get a local shell. Next, login as root (the password will appear on the screen) and type nmtui.

Figure 1: Log into the BMR environment (click to enlarge)

2. Choose Edit a connection in the NetworkManager TUI dialog box to manually modify a connection's IP information.

Figure 2: Edit a connection (click to enlarge)

3. The next screen displays existing connections.  If a connection is shown here, it is likely your active network interface and may already have associated IP information. To edit that connection, use the arrow keys to select Edit.

Figure 3: Current connections displayed (click to enlarge)

4. Use the arrow keys to set an IPv4 connection. 

Figure 4: Select IPv4 Connection (click to enlarge)

5. Select the IPv4 address and change Automatic to Manual.

Figure 5: Change the address from automatic to manual (click to enlarge)

6. Enter the address, gateway DNS, and search domain settings, then click OK.

Figure 6: add the remaining networking information (click to enlarge)

7. Click quit to go back to the shell screen, then type nmtui to re-enter nmtui and set the new network changes. Next, select activate a connection and choose the connection you previously set in step 1. In the example below, that connection is named Wired connection 1. 

Figure 7: Select the connection after re-entering nmtui (click to enlarge)

8. Move the selection to Deactivate and click Enter to make the change. Then select Activate again to reactivate the connection.

Figure 8: Deactivate, then reactivate the connection (click to enlarge)

9. Type Quit to exit nmtui, then type ifconfig in the command line to verify the connection settings.

Figure 9: Quit, then verify the connection settings (click to enlarge)

10. Use the Add selection in nmtui to repeat this process for other NIC cards that need configuring. 

Figure 10: Repeat this process for other NIC cards (click to enlarge)

Additional resources

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