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This article provides physical installation and initial setup instructions for the Datto MP60.


  • Datto MP60 (Datto Managed Power)


On April 16, 2019, Datto updated our server certificates; MP60s not upgraded to firmware version 6.4.16 will no longer check in, preventing device management, reporting, and automatic upgrades. See this article for important information.
  • The MP60 provides six fully-managed and monitored power ports, as well as two USB Type-A and two USB Type-C ports.
  • The MP60 is intended to be used in monitored environments, such as IT closets or offices.
  • You can configure and manage the device through the Datto Network Manager user interface.


Physical Installation

This power strip is designed to be set on the floor or desktop, or mounted to a wall.
  • Do not place heavy objects on the power strip.
  • Install the power strip in an area free from strong electromagnetic sources.
  • Do not install near potential sources of water or fire.
  • When using on the floor or desktop avoid moving the device while in use.
  • Connect the apparatus to a mains socket outlet with a protective earthing connection.


You can wall-mount the MP60 either vertically or horizontally. Mount directly to the wall by screwing two pan head Phillips wood screws 11 1/16” apart. Leave 3/16” (0.5 cm) of each screw exposed. Slide the power strip over the screws to secure it to the wall.
Figure 1: Wall-mounting configuration (click to enlarge)

Setup & Registration

1. Sign in to networking.datto.com. Click the Add Device button.
2. Create a new network by navigating to All Networks ➞ Create Network, or select an existing network on the All Networks page.
3. In the networking portal, ensure you configured the correct time zone for the network.
3. Navigate to Power ➞ Add New and enter the MAC address. Use the drop-down arrow to enter multiple MAC addresses at once, or upload a CSV file containing the MAC addresses you would like to use. Repeat this process to add as many power strips as required.
4. Connect the MP60 to a power outlet.
5. Connect the MP60 to the internet via an Ethernet or Datto Mesh connection. The device will autoconfigure and start reporting status within a few minutes.


Does the MP60 offer surge protection?
Yes. Read our article on Managed Power surge protection for more information, and what do to if surge protection depletes.

How does the MP60 access the internet?
The MP60 can access the internet via Ethernet (recommended) or WiFi.

  • If using Ethernet, connect it to any router or switch that provides a DHCP connection, and the MP60 will check in to the cloud. The MP60's primary LED will turn solid teal.
  • If Ethernet is not available, you can add the MP60 to any Datto WiFi network. It will automatically join as a mesh device. Use the Datto management portal to add the MP60 to the same network as the access points with which you want it to mesh. The MP60's primary LED will turn solid green when it is online via WiFi.

Can the MP60 act as an access point?
No. While the MP60 uses Datto's mesh technology to go online, it cannot act as an access point.

Can I manage or see power consumption on the USB ports?
This version of the MP60 only provides power on the USB ports. Future versions may allow for additional control of the USB ports.

What is the function of the soft switch on the device?
The power button, or 'soft switch,' turns all six ports on or off. When the toggle button disables the ports, or when an overdraw event causes the ports to power down, only re-cycling the toggle button, or manually re-enabling the port in the portal will re-enable it.

What causes the ports or the strip to trip?
An individual port will trip and shut down if it draws more than 10A for a few seconds. On a 120V circuit, this is approximately 1200W per port. If a trip occurs, the cloud management portal will show the port as disabled. You can re-enable a disabled port through the cloud management UI. The entire strip has a breaker rated for 16A, that at varying temperatures and loads will change the trip time. A direct short will trip the whole circuit breaker, disabling all ports. That mechanical trip will require the button to be pressed on the device.

How does the MP60 prevent shorts and overloads to the unit?
The MP60 has an electro-mechanical circuit breaker to prevent shorts and overloads to the entire unit. The total combined maximum current allowed is 16A. The unit will trip in a varying amount of time, depending on the percentage of current overloaded and temperature.

  • At 16A, it will not trip unless it crosses the 65 C temperature threshold.
  • At 20A, it will trip within an hour or if it crosses the 60 C threshold.
  • At 24A, it will trip within 5 to 30 seconds or sooner if it crosses the 60 C threshold.
  • At 32A or above, it will trip within 1 to 5 seconds or sooner if it crosses the 60 C threshold.

As a safety precaution, if the entire circuit trips, the connected equipment will all be disabled. The USB ports and the Access Point hardware will continue to operate. In this state, the unit will no longer be cloud manageable for the ports as they are all disabled via the breaker. You will need to physically reset the MP60 by using the Reset button on the device, located next to the power cable receptacle. See this article for a hardware diagram of the MP60.

What is the difference between a circuit breaker (trip) and a surge protector (surge)?
Circuit breakers interrupt power when the electrical current exceeds a certain threshold, whereas surge protection provides voltage overload protection. Circuit breakers prevent too much current from being pulled or short-circuiting from occurring, while surge protection prevents large voltage spikes from entering the devices.

Can the MP60 be configured with SNMP?
No, there is no SNMP on the MP60.

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