Uninstalling or Reinstalling the Datto Windows Agent



How do I perform an uninstall or a reinstall of the Datto Windows Agent?


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Unlike ShadowSnap, Datto Windows Agent Version 1.0 includes an uninstall tool for removing the agent software. Datto recommends using this utility, instead of the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature, to ensure that the agent software uninstalls completely. If you are using Version 2.0 or above of the Datto Windows Agent, please use the Windows Add/Remove Programs feature.

This process requires several reboots of the production machine.


  • Do NOT use Revo Uninstaller to remove the Datto Windows Agent. Unrecoverable host system damage may occur.


Removing the Datto Windows Agent

1. Launch the Windows Programs and Features control panel. Highlight Datto Windows Agent, and then click Uninstall/Change.

Figure 1: Selecting the Datto Windows Agent uninstaller

2. The uninstaller will launch. Click Uninstall to continue to the uninstallation.

Figure 2: Datto Windows Agent Uninstall

3. The uninstall tool will scan for the location of the agent software and then run.

4. This process may take one to two minutes to complete, depending on the performance of the host server or workstation. Once finished, you’ll see the following.

Figure 3: Uninstallation Complete


5. Click Next to proceed to the final step, rebooting the server or workstation. A reboot is necessary to complete uninstallation of the agent. Click Restart to reboot now, or click Close to reboot later.

Figure 4: The uninstall utility prompting for a reboot


Once you complete the removal of the Datto Windows Agent, use the Force a Differential Merge feature on your Datto appliance to queue a re-association of the backup increments for the protected system. After scheduling the differential merge, follow the steps in the Getting Started with the Datto Windows Agent article to install a fresh copy of the software.

If you do not schedule the protected system's next backup to be a differential merge, the first snapshot it captures following reinstallation of the Datto Windows Agent will be a full backup.

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