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This article describes how to configure WiFi Scheduling for your Datto Access Points.


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WiFi Scheduling allows you to set the times when each SSID will be enabled in your network. When WiFi Scheduling is enabled, access points will enable or disable the SSID during the checkin process. The SSID is enabled or disabled during the first checkin after the specified time, typically within five or ten minutes.


To enable and configure WiFi Scheduling, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to a device web session for your access point.

2. Click the Configure drop-down and choose the SSID to modify.

Configure_Cursor.pngFigure 1: The Configure tab expanded

3. Navigate to Availability, and toggle Schedule WiFi on.

Screenshot_2015-10-07_15.16.39.pngFigure 2: Schedule WiFi

4. Select a preset in the Preset drop-down, or configure your own range using the corresponding sliders for each day.


Figure 3: Daily Scheduling (click to expand)

WiFi Scheduling only disables SSIDs; the access point will continue function even with all SSIDs disabled.

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