Advanced Backup Verification: Local Verified



This article discusses the Local Verified feature for Datto business continuity appliances.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto NAS


The Local Verified feature measures the health of a backup snapshot at the file level to ensure data integrity, and to allow you to make informed decisions about which snapshots to restore from in the event of a disaster.

Configuring Local Verification

To enable or disable this feature, perform the following steps:

1. Access the GUI of your Datto appliance, and click the Protect tab.

2. Click the Configure Agent Settings link next to the protected system you would like to set up the feature for.

3. Scroll down to the Local Verification section of the Configure Agent Settings page, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Local Verification (click for larger image)

Checks Performed & Interpreting Results

When enabled, your Datto appliance will run the following validations during the backup process and report the following results:

Integrity Verification

  • Filesystem Check: Checks for critical filesystem errors in the snapshot which could affect its usability. If the snapshot fails the filesystem check, the reason for failure is reported by the Datto appliance.
    Filesystem errors normally replicate from the production machine. If you receive a filesystem integrity alert, you will need to investigate the production environment and correct any issues that you find. Running a chkdsk /f operation on all volumes of the protected machine can often resolve common filesystem issues. If a check of the production environment does not reveal any errors, or if filesystem errors persist in your new backups after resolving production issues, do not delete local backups or your live dataset as a troubleshooting step. Contact Datto Technical Support for further assistance.
  • Volume CheckThe Datto appliance will check the that volumes which were captured in the backup match the volumes included for backup in the Volume-Level Backup Control interface. If a volume is missing, the Datto appliance will alert you.
  • VSS Check: If VSS writer failure occurred on the production machine during the backup process, causing the agent to fall back to the crash-consistent STC or DBD backup engine to successfully capture a snapshot, the failure will be captured and reported. This check will only occur if you have configured the agent to use a fallback engine.

Ransomware Detection

  • Ransomware Check: The Datto appliance will check the snapshot for signs of ransomware, and alert you if an infection is suspected. See the Ransomware Detection 101 article for more information.

The results of the Local Verified checks are reported in the Local Verified column of the Manage Recovery Points page of the device GUI.

Mousing over the icons in the Datto appliance interface will display a detailed backup report for each snapshot.

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