Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite: How can I view Gmail exports on my local machine?



How can I view Gmail exports on my local machine?


  • Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite


Importing to Mozilla Thunderbird

Download and install the Mozilla ImportExportTools Add-on utility. 

1. Go to the ImportExportTools download page. (external resource)

2. Check the release notes to ensure the download version supports MBOX files, then click Download now.

Figure 1: ImportExportTools download page release notes

3. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and select the Add-ons flyout menu in the upper right.  

Figure 2: The flyout menu

 4. In the Add-ons Manager, click the Extensions icon in the left-hand menu, then click the gear icon and select Install Add-on from File.

Figure 3: Add-ons Manager

5. Browse to the downloaded importexporttools.xpi file, then click Open.

6. Follow the installation prompts. Click Restart when the installation is complete. 

Extract the .zip file received from Backupify. 

1. Download and extract the Gmail Export sent to you by Backupify. The archive file is in .ZIP file format.

2. Once extracted, you will have several MBOX files, named according to the corresponding label in Gmail. Please note the location to which you extracted the files.

3. In file explorer, browse to the file extraction location. Select the MBOX file corresponding with the label that you want to restore, then click Open. All emails from that label will now import. This could take some time, depending on the file size. When the import completes, you can view the exported messages in Thunderbird.

Importing to Gmail

1. In Thunderbird, in the navigation pane on the left, expand Local Folders and then select the folder below that has the name of the label that you are importing to Gmail.

2. Select the emails contained in the folder, then right-click the selection and select Copy to -> [name of your Gmail account] -> [path of the label to which the emails should be restored]. All emails will import to the chosen label. This could take some time, depending on the file size. When the import completes, log in to Gmail to see the restored emails.

Importing to Microsoft Outlook

Outlook only accepts the propriety PST file type. To convert MBOX Files into the PST format, use conversion software such as SoftLay's Backupify Converter. (external resources)

Backupify has no affiliation with SoftLay or its Backupify Converter application. Any questions or support requests related to the Backupify Converter software should be directed to SoftLay.

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