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This article describes what information is available about Access Points within the Datto Networking App.


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The Datto Networking App provides a mobile insight into the status of any access point in your network. Tasks such as renaming an access point, or replacing it with another can be performed.


1. In the Networks page, scroll to the network that houses your access point as seen in Figure 1.

Figure 1: A Network with View Network and Access Points selected

2. Press View Network, or Access Points.
3. Press the access point you wish to view information about as seen in Figure 2.

Figure 2: An example access point

The following information and actions are available for your access point:

Name and Settings

Figure 3: Device name and settings

A. Press this icon to return to the previous page.
B. Pressing this icon will display a prompt to edit the name of your access point.
C. Pressing this icon will display the following settings on the bottom of your page:

Figure 4: Device settings

1. Reboot: Reboots the device.
2. Replace: Allows you to replace a device with another of the same type.
3. Delete: Removes the device from your network.


Screenshot_1528308407__2_.pngFigure 3: Health (click to view a larger image)

A. Last Check-in: Displays the last time the device checked-in to our servers.
B. Check-in History: Displays a graphical timeline of device check-ins.
C. Uptime: Displays how long the device has been powered on.


 Screenshot_1528308470__2_.pngFigure 4: Statistics (click to view a larger image)

A: Channel (2.4 GHz): Displays the configured channel the access point is broadcasting on the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency band.
B: Channel (5 GHz): Displays the configured channel the access point is broadcasting on the 5 GHz wireless frequency band.
C: Hops: Displays how many device mesh hops this access point is from its configured gateway.
D: Usage: Displays an overall average of connected client data usage, download, and upload respectively.
E: Traffic: Displays a graphical timeline of connected client download and upload usage.


 Screenshot_1528308495__2_.pngFigure 5: System (click to view a larger image)

A. MAC Address: Displays the MAC Address of the device.
B. LAN IP Address: Displays the LAN IP address of the device.
C. Mesh IP Address: Displays the Mesh-healing IP address of the device.
D. Clients: Displays the current number of connected clients to the device.
E. Firmware Version: Displays the firmware the device is currently running.


The WiFi tab allows you to view all SSIDs associated with a network. To view and modify SSID settings:

1. Press WiFi, then press your desired SSID.

Figure 6: WiFi (click to view a larger image)

2. All SSID settings will display. To modify these, press 🖉.

Figure 7: SSID settings (click to view a larger image)

You can configure the following settings:

  • SSID Name: Allows you to input the name of your SSID.
  • Use Access Point Name: Enabling this will force the SSID to broadcast as the access point name.
  • Enable: Allows you to enable to disable this SSID.

3. Press Save to save all modified settings.

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