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This article describes Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify's datacenter transition and how it may affect you or your clients.


  • Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify for G Suite
  • Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify for Office 365
  • Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify for Salesforce
  • Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify 2.0 for G Suite
  • Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify 2.0 for Office 365


From April to August 2018 Datto will perform a major upgrade, moving our primary US and Australia datacenters to new custom-built facilities in the same geographic area, allowing for more growth as your data and Datto's business continue to expand.

The process of transitioning all 1.0 and 2.0 data to the new data center involves up to two maintenance windows during which your G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce backups will be unavailable.

This FAQ document is designed to provide details on how this transition might affect you or your clients.

When will the maintenance / transition be performed?

Maintenance on the product will occur in 2 waves this summer outside of business hours US time. The first maintenance window will be Friday evening EST July 6th to early Monday morning July 9th. The second maintenance window is August 11th - 12th in local time zones:

  • US / Canada: Saturday 9am - Sunday 5pm Eastern Time
  • Australia East: Saturday 11pm - Monday 9am Australia Eastern Time
  • Australia Central: Saturday 10:30PM - Monday 6:30AM Australia Central time

We expect to complete the entire process across all Datto products by the end of September.

What functionality and products will be impacted during the maintenance windows?

All SaaS Backups across G Suite, Office 365 and Salesforce will be suspended during the maintenance windows and will resume normally once the upgrade is complete. The application’s user interface will be unavailable during this time, so please login and access any historical backups you may need well in advance of the final maintenance wave Friday, August 10th.

What if I have a disaster or emergency during a maintenance window?

Supporting your business during a disaster is always Datto's top priority.  Please contact Support as soon as you know of a potential emergency. If it is prior to the window we will collect data before the maintenance begins.  If it is during the window, our Support team will do everything possible to access the data you need if it is physically available.

Will the new data center change the security and compliance assurances Datto has provided in the past?

No.  Physical security standards are as good or better in our new facility.  SaaS Protection will continue to be secure at both the app and infrastructure level and maintain SOC 2 Type II compliance. Datto continues to stand behind all compliance assurances we've made to our partners and end-customers.

Will I be impacted even if my SaaS Protection data is stored outside of the US?

Yes. Even though the only data being moved is US-based data, other servers unrelated to data-storage are still used to control the application in the US. As a result, even non-US-based clients, partners and customers will be impacted by this maintenance window.

How will I know which clients will be impacted?

All clients backed up across SaaS Protection products will be impacted by the upcoming window.

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