Disabling CompactOS on Target Hardware



This article describes the process to disable CompactOS on Windows 10 operating systems.


  • Microsoft Windows 10 (all versions)
  • Rapid Rollback


Microsoft's CompactOS feature is currently incompatible with the Datto Rapid Rollback utility. To reliably perform a rollback, you will need to disable the feature on your target hardware before performing the restore.

Performing a Rapid Rollback from any previous snapshot taken when CompactOS was enabled on the production machine may produce unreliable results. To ensure a successful restore, CompactOS must be disabled on both the production machine and in the snapshot.


1. Determine if CompactOS is enabled on the target hardware by using the command compact.exe /compactos:query from a Windows Command Prompt session on the production machine.

2. If the feature is enabled, you will see the following output:

Figure 1: CompactOS enabled

3. Disable the feature by using the command compact.exe /compactos:never.

4. Attempt the rollback again.

You can perform the same steps in a local virtualization of the point you are restoring to check the snapshot for CompactOS before performing the rollback; however, you will not be able to make configuration changes to the snapshot.

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